Shopping at Karol Bagh

How to get there: Take Metro to Karol Bagh station. Walk along the road next to the station it will lead you to Karol Bagh shopping area.

Ok, this photo is NOT in Karol Bagh – it’s at the airport. We were running in Karol Bagh we didnt have time for photos! But I put this photo coz Az is wearing a Kurta bought in Karol Bagh, so there’s a connection at least.

When we arrived in Karol Bagh, we immediately asked ourselves, how on earth we didnt know about this place earlier? This is THE right place for shopping if you’re in New Delhi. Not in the Connaught Place – there are only modern, western-label shops there. And not also in South Extension II area – only sarees priced from Rs.4000 and above are sold there. Thanks to Sudhir for telling us about Karol Bagh.

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Uneventful train ride back to Delhi

Train Agra to New Delhi
Mahakaushal Exp Train# 12189
Depart AGC 08:23 Agra Cantt
Arrive 11:35 NZM H Nizamuddin
Duration: 3h 12m
Class: AC 3 Tier
Cost: Rs. 706 (2 pax)

This is our last train in India, and apparently the first (and only) train that was NOT on time. It was delayed and arrived around 11am, almost 2 hours than expected. But we were not mad about it as we were mad about missing train because of being cheated by tout!

We stayed at the train patiently while watching people around. This time we were more brave to take photo (but trying not to look obvious) so Az could snap some faces from our zoomed lens. We felt great when we could silently take a closeup photo of some random  people without them realizing, and our super zoom camera is quite helping in this ;) So it was our mode of entertainment while waiting the train… *bored* =.=  We noticed a Caucasian couple waiting train for Delhi as well, and since they’re waiting for long as we do, we guess that they’re the same train as us. Which turns out to be correct.

There was this designated stall selling drinks and snacks at the platform, and when Az wanted to buy a snack, the seller apparently give a price higher than what was printed on the label! Being surprised, Az asked him why but instead of explaining, he took back the snack rudely with a look of “take it or leave it”. What a jerk!

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CouchSurf with Jai in Agra

We arrived at Mr Jai’s house around 4pm in the evening, right after we were done with trips with Jabbar and sent back to our hotel to pick up our luggage. It was difficult to take auto-rickshaw that is willing to take us to the address given with reasonable price. They were trying to overcharge us with an excuse today having some festivals around there and not many auto-rickshaws are running. Giving up with the bargain attempt, we agreed with the given price and they brought us to Jai’s apartment directly.

We have not seen many high-rise aparment/ flats in Agra so Jai’s place seems to stand out as a rather high-end residence compared to the community we have seen in the crowded place nearby Taj Mahal. The apartment was gated with security people, and after registering at the security, we called Jai and his daughter Riti came down to take us up.

We were given a neat separate bedroom complete with bathroom. I understand that the room actually belongs to Jai’s son but functioning as guest room sometimes.

To spend the evening, Riti and her friends asked us to play badminton with them at the yard. All of them speak fluent English at young age and we were very impressed. It was great to play bandminton after so long having left it, and the kids playing quite good too! We also talked and asked about Hindi movies and superstars, their school, places they like in India and other stuff. It was fun ;)

Dinner time! We were so delighted to have dinner with the family. Jai and his family are really friendly and treated us like their family members. We expected to eat whatever they eat: vegetarian food. But we were surprised that they tried so hard to accommodate us non-vegetarians with boiled eggs – as if we would die if we dont eat non-vegetarian food! =.= I mean, they shouldn’t have, and it’s unnecessary! We were traveling in other place with other culture and all we love to do is to eat what the local people eat. I mean, when in Rome, do as Romans do. So when in India, eat what Indians eat :P Anyhow, we can’t help but felt touched by their effort, although a bit guilty.

So we can learn by their food, vegetarian people can replace meat-stuff by potato, and also paneer (cheese); like these human-shaped nuggets for example :) We would have thought it’s made of chicken by its taste.. I mean, I had never eaten potato that taste that good! The food we had at Jai’s are all new to us but really yummy!

We had a good chat with Jai and his wife, they shared almost everything we need to know about Agra, and we also shared our incident of being cheated by tout before coming to here. As a newly married couple, we also had among the very best advice from Jai and his wife.. things to keep the relationship at its best. If not because we’re leaving for Delhi tomorrow, Jai would like to bring us at some shops he’s familiar with that sell sarees and kurta that we’re searching for.

The next morning, we woke up to say goodbye to Jai’s family before we left to Agra train station. Riti and Aryan were ready for school in neat uniforms. After quick breakfast, Jai helped us to take auto-rickshaw which will get us to the station directly.

Thank you Jai for the great hospitality and warm welcome! Hope to see you again one day :)

Agra and around

Breakfast: Rs.120

We came back from Taj Mahal around 9.30 and thought of having breakfast. There are many restaurants and cafes located in between small hotels here but it was still hard to choose. All places are quiet. We passed by this Taj Cafe that claims itself to have been recommended by Lonely Planet Book, but were not really impressed. They definitely think that by claiming it out loud that it was featured in Lonely Planet, it would attract more customers.. but we can see that it’s being overused here. In that street there are a number of restaurants displaying the same in their signboards too. On the other hands, I cannot remember our favorite Mughal Darbar restaurant in Srinagar displays something telling that they’re featured in Lonely Planet (despite they really are). Perhaps in Agra especially in this area, all restaurants look almost the same, old, small buildings and not attractive at all, so you have to verbally tell people that you’re special in order to stand out from the rest. And they dont need to know if you’re telling the truth or otherwise :P

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