USM Education Showcase: 5-6 December 2009 @ Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa, KL

Impiana KLCC!! I want to go too, please??????? OK I just shortly received an email from the Deputy Dean of Institute of Postgraduate Studies, USM announcing the event that will be held in a few days from now. And welcoming us :-) YAY, so I was technically invited to have some spa treatment at Impiana.. duh.. stop dreaming. I was invited to be part of the Showcase event probably to stand there distributing flyers and make happy faces to convince people how happy we are studying in USM the APEX University. Yeah right. But still a free spa treatment should be worth doing it.

As I quote from his email, “This event will showcase the wonderful and colourful USM Life, while promoting both undergraduate and postgraduate programs to prospective students, including the international students”.. oh yeah? I mean.. wonderful and colorful.. well, perhaps in USM main campus, it is. Not the deserted Engineering campus that I have to bear living for another one year T___T (pity me..). So yeah, I do recommend you people to come study in USM if you expect to learn challenging Engineering courses like Electronic Systems Design but you should be prepared to fail Analog paper =___=

Okay I won’t be telling everything here since I want you to go to Impiana KLCC and discover yourselves all the goodness of studying in Universiti Sains Malaysia. And do let me know if you manage to get a spa treatment there so I should prepare myself quick to go join just as well.

Insert any title (part 2)

– Analog exam… *sob* :(( I dont know if I should be happy now that it’s gone.. but it still keeps haunting me, the fact that I – despite having studied the hardest in this century – couldn’t actually do the exam very well. WHYYYYY? Maybe Electronics isn’t my talent afterall…

– Have to study DIP & DSP both for next paper @_@

– OK at least I have something to be happy about lately.. or, should I say, someone? *wink wink* Uhm, I dont know if it’s too early to write this here, or rather, if I ever need to write this at all in this blog at this time, but really, I have found a new friend, in a magical way, and I could say he’s very special, decent and respectable, and really, I said magical coz it sure IS. You won’t believe it. I am very thankful to God for having brought him to me at the moment I needed someone the most, at least to knock some sense on me that this life is too short to be sad about. So yeah, I am 360 degree happy. Now. And I wish I will always be happy like this. And to that person (you know who you are), if you ever read this, all I want to say is,

thank you.

For being part of this miracle.