Insert any title (part 3)

Disclaimer: This post contains unextreme cheesy statements of an excited girl who’s been crazily in love lately. Please bear with her.

As much as I see myself a boring girl living a boring life, sometimes I do realize that at some points of this so-called life of mine, things do get really extraordinary. And I mean extraordinary. And I do realize, that it does not happen to average normal people everyday, like when one day I was down with tears, and the next day I suddenly found my savior whom I’d call love, right from my blog. My blog. This blog. Who would have thought, this dull blog with all the craps I have to whine about every day, would unexpectedly trap an amazing guy doing a Google search somewhere, in such a funny way now all the coincidence turned out to look like as if they’re meant to be destiny. What could make a blogger prouder than to find her love right from her very own webspace? :) I tell you, it’s extraordinary. Az has changed my life ever since. Despite we haven’t met in real life, the feelings have been the most real and certain I have ever had inside me. It’s perfect. Blessful. Motivating. Moving. And I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to lose him. Rest assured.

To my dear readers, friends or silent followers, or you’re just passing by here just like most people are,

I have to announce here proudly.

That my heart is officially taken :)

Please pray for us.

Insert any title (part 2)

– Analog exam… *sob* :(( I dont know if I should be happy now that it’s gone.. but it still keeps haunting me, the fact that I – despite having studied the hardest in this century – couldn’t actually do the exam very well. WHYYYYY? Maybe Electronics isn’t my talent afterall…

– Have to study DIP & DSP both for next paper @_@

– OK at least I have something to be happy about lately.. or, should I say, someone? *wink wink* Uhm, I dont know if it’s too early to write this here, or rather, if I ever need to write this at all in this blog at this time, but really, I have found a new friend, in a magical way, and I could say he’s very special, decent and respectable, and really, I said magical coz it sure IS. You won’t believe it. I am very thankful to God for having brought him to me at the moment I needed someone the most, at least to knock some sense on me that this life is too short to be sad about. So yeah, I am 360 degree happy. Now. And I wish I will always be happy like this. And to that person (you know who you are), if you ever read this, all I want to say is,

thank you.

For being part of this miracle.

End of the semester

It’s one week to go before we start the final exam. Lately the weeks have been such a rush, and killing me. I didn’t expect studying a higher level could be this stressed. I didn’t expect it could be this difficult too. I, who hardly had much problems studying in peace and ease and enjoyment ever since I was little to the undergrad time, finally had to accept the fact that learning isn’t a piece of cake to me anymore. Anyway, I’ve survived. Not the exams yet, but the weeks full of projects, presentations, assignments, tests.. T__________T and I have to say learning Advanced Analog makes me cry. Even more, the tests. And it kept me questioning myself repeatedly “why the h did I choose to study this crappy Electronics??” It’s waaaay beyond my knowledge and ability to understand. Though I knew the answer anyway. It would have been much helpful if I went back to UIA and continue doing Computers instead. Hmmph. Okay so we’ve just started the study week now, but these 1.5 days I have done nothing but sleep alot as if I wasn’t having enough sleep for last few weeks, as well as watch movies. Afterall one of good things about coming to USM is there are some nice buddies sharing alot of latest DVD-ripped movie downloads on the campus server. You name the movie, they have it. And downloading is SUPERfast.