Some news… finally.

Heh. Today I got an offer letter from USM in Penang.

MSc in Electronic Systems Design Engineering, whatever it means.

Admission 1st July.

Hmm but I’m still not firmly determined. 

I mean, I am as well waiting for UKM.

Not that I have any favorite points between these two uni.

But the later has the course I already have some sense about.

Pembiayaan Untuk Pengajian Ijazah Lanjutan di Bawah Pakej Rangsangan Ekonomi Kedua

Or PPPI for short. It’s a good news for people under age of 35 who falls into either one of these groups:

1- Graduates who have not yet got a job.

2- People who have been fired from job.

because the Government has just said in the new budget that they will sponsor your fees should you choose to go for postgraduate studies, Masters or PhD. Terms and condition apply.

Go and check further at the MoHE website.

Hmmm. Though I am not sure which group I fall into, both don’t sound very precise to me, but if this is true that I don’t have to pay anything than it’s cool baby. Maybe it’s better than have to wait for one semester to get a scholarship, I don’t know. Anyhow. I have to wait for either USM or UKM to answer my application first then I can go make this sponsorship application.

UKM vs. USM: Part 1

Maybe it’s too early for me to decide, as I haven’t even got answer from those places :P anyways.

[ UKM – pros ]

– The course is what I am already familiar with.

– Has Lenya! So I won’t be a lost stranger.

– It’s THE National university – well, there must be something bonus afterall.

– Huge old skool campus, Engineering faculty is also in there. More people.

– They say they have the best lab facilities. At least better than UIA.

[ USM – pros ]

– Penang! New place, new air, nice island, good food.

– UNESCO site! Postcards from there must be on high demand :P

– I can buy Reggie Lee postcards (tracklesspanic says this).

– Maybe.. they will let me use the car. Somehow.

– I’ll be a total stranger.. which can be good in a way or another.

– Better hostel room, since the faculty building is new itself.

[ UKM – conts ]

– 35km from KL. Which can be good or bad, depending on my discipline.

– Boring town. I think. KL is way more boring. I may end up staying in the room only studying. Haha. Could be good also what.

– Old hostel, probably a shared room!

– They’re unlikely to let me use the car.

[ USM – conts ]

– Engineering faculty is deserted from others. It’s not in the island!

– I’ll be studying Electronics. Is it less or more headache?

A note from last week

E0, Kulliyyah of Engineering.

Which I didn’t manage to write earlier. I mean my visit to UIA meeting Arfah and the lecturers. It was all fine. I didn’t expect them to be this supportive, and even wrote flatteringly neat comments in my referral forms haha. They asked me why I chose UKM and USM and not UIA. Not that I don’t love this place, it’s obviously more beautiful than UKM and USM and plus Arfah’s room really makes me feel want to go back here. But UIA has too much heaven and hell of memories to bear with. I said I just want to be in a new environment :) Really I do. And I have mailed the applications with a hope I’ll be in one of the places sometime middle of this year.

People at Hajj 2008

I wish I could get a detailed information about statistic of  the Hajj pilgrims in 2008, the country list with the number of people from each. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia appoints the number of pilgrims from each country should not exceed 0.1% of the country population, though I am not too sure if it’s 0.1% of the whole population or 0.1% of Muslims population in each country. But from newspapers I read Malaysia sent 27,000 people so I assume it right to be 0.1% of the country population. Significant major pilgrims groups are from Turkey, China, Iran, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Pakistan.. just to name a few, besides local Arabs in Saudi and nearby countries. It’s real AMAZING to see people from the whole wide world gathering in one place, and they are all around you! I couldn’t help being so excited to identify every single person I met in the mosque, in the streets, in the shops, the yard.. of which country they belong to. Generally they were wearing traditional dress or uniforms, or certain labels on the shirt/scarf/bags written on it the country name, or the country flags as their identification. Since you can never know when you may get lost in the crowd of 5 million people, or lose your group, so it’s important to let people know visually which country you come from.

It was getting more intriguing when I met peeople from countries I really didn’t know where on earth they’re located, like Cote D Ivoire, Togo, Sychelles.. I was like, “Oh, there are people in those coutries!”. LOL.  Same goes for the countries having Muslims as minority, like Italy, USA, Australia and South Africa, Russia.. I have met a number of people from there. If there’s a chance, I would greet them and see if they could speak English. I would take their pictures, a few of which I asked politely, while thre rest are good candid photos haha. I wish my phone camera was 24-7 ready for that purpose so photos of people from EVERY country could be captured. But I wasn’t very lucky and didn’t have much time. Anyways. Below are some of the photos  I’d like to share.






Bosnia & Herzegovina


Photos of people from other countries can be seen in this Flickr set.