Sai Palace Hotel, Agra

Basic double room with bathroom: Rs. 400 (pick-up is free!)

Sai Palace Hotel, Agra

So our CouchSurfing host Mr Jai said he could not host us for first 2 nights as it was holiday, and suggested us this budget hotel nearby Taj Mahal instead. The price was perfect, we didnt need any star hotel whatsoever when all we wanted to go out walking all day and only need a place to sleep at night. Only at night.

The owner Rajiv sounds a funny man when we texted him for booking. Yes, we did the booking only by SMS on our way from Jammu, but stranded one day because of the tout incident in Delhi, and had to cancel the first night booking. After continuing our way to Agra again, luckily he wasn’t mad at us and accepted our booking.

Arriving Agra Cant train station, when we were walking out, there was a man holding a paper written ILYANI and while we thought of him as a hotel representative, which is true also, but he was in fact an auto-rickshaw driver. His name is Jabbar and he has a bit scary face whom we think we can find resemble in one of Indian movies.. but anyway, he talked alot from the very first minute meeting him. He offered to bring us Agra city-sightseeing with his rickshaw, which he called his ‘helicopter’ :P

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