Video: Watching “The Red Warriors” live in stadium!

This is so backdated, but a a video requested by Az, after the post about our first visit to stadium! Hear the noise, live cheers and rebana drum beats from the very moment and place. No additional background music in this video.

Kelantan FA vs. KL Felda FC @ Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV, Kota Bharu. Some few months ago.

Watching “The Red Warriors” live in stadium!

This was a few months ago back in KB. We were at our serviced apartment after Maghrib when I noticed that there was a match about to happen in the stadium (btw, our apartment is located just opposite road of the state stadium) and you can see crowds in red like usual on a match day, cars start blocking the road as early as 5pm and it’s always a regret to pass by this area during a match day coz people are filling the stadium and blocking the roads like mad. But today I had a crazy idea..

.. I want to join them to watch football live in stadium! :D I have never been inside a stadium in my entire life, despite the aging stadium of Sultan Muhammad IV has always been around even before I was born. When Az said yes, I was so excited, not that I keen to watch the game whatsoever, but both of us have always wondered 1) what it feels like to be in a stadium 2) if the stadium is full 3) how crazy Kelantanese supporters are.

Although, you can simply judge by seeing loads of stalls selling jerseys and merchandise of Kelantan FA (or The Red Warriors, as they happen to be called lately, for whatever reason) and it’s amazing to see that these stalls actually selling the same stuff for the same team, yet they can sell!

Queuing for tickets. We’re last minute, so queues are not that long anymore (everyone else had bought their tickets earlier). Az was guessing how much the ticket price will be. “It is NOT that we are keen to watch the football, so if it’s more than RM10 it’s too expensive, so let’s forget it”. However, it turned out to be RM15 the cheapest =.= Contemplating whether we should go waste RM30 for some new entertainment that we’re not sure we’d enjoy or not or rather go spend the money for another dinner, somehow Az made his mind that it’s our only chance to get into stadium coz we’re already here. Regardless the match.

So yeah, we got the ticket! RM15 for free open seat. There’s another seat called Aksara (roofed) I guess for RM30. Same price as movie ticket and 3D movie, respectively (no, I’m not a movie-goer either)

Entering the stadium, and it’s already full! We were still looking for an empty space to sit when Kelantan started scoring (and there was a thunder of scream of everyone) followed by goal by Felda FC just a few minutes later (and we saw everyone scolding and swearing angrily like mad =.=). Notice in above picture, a group of people playing percussion (rebana drum) constantly throughout the game, so for 2+ hours match there’s always background effect. I was wondering if it’s their full time job and if it’s true, who are their employers..

After going around stadium for almost 360 degree for changing seats a few times, we got a better view. But still, not the best.

Nevermind :) Say cheese! Oh, everyone’s wearing complete official jerseys all in red.. except us!

I zoomed to every angle all over stadium from where we sit, and this is a only a small portion. It should be tenths of thousands people currently in the stadium, although it’s scary to think the exact number. It’s like people of the whole town are crammed into this area, or maybe those coming from other districts too.

Among the banners. And up there is another group (sitting from the other end than the percussion group) doing some kind of cheer leading choir. And this group is even hard core, they are singing, dancing, clapping loudly, and among them holding and waving big flags – all nonstop!

The cheerleader group, close up. We were surprised that they actually sing songs specifically for cheering Kelantan football team, and I mean, I didnt know they have so many songs for this purpose.

Two of LOADS of kids coming along with their family. In fact, this has turned to be a family picnic! We can see a mother in a corner having her baby on her lap. And it’s not just that. Their grandmas and grandpas are here as well =.= (btw.. does the baby need to pay entrance ticket as well?). I just cant help being amused in disbelief. SINCE WHEN football match has become everyone’s mode of entertainment here??! Somehow it put me into realization that I’ve been lost in my own hometown. I only managed to enter the stadium at the age of 29.. *sigh*

Okay, now we get to see the football team. I am not sure if I was really following the match as I was only busy watching people all over stadium from my lens, listening to the cheerleader songs and drums.  Maybe Az  was following though, coz he managed to scream with everyone else by another goal score.

Finally, Kelantan managed to score 5. Impressive. I was only hoping a win, regardless the score. Coz if we lose, we would expect a nightmare to face the whole stadium being (aggressively) unhappy. We quickly left before the huge crowds start blocking the entrance doors. Now I can tell the world I have been in the stadium. Cheers.

Eidul-fitri wishes from :-)

To all my friends, readers, and strangers who like to pass by here :)

Have a wonderful Eid.

Bunny, Camque, Pucca, Garu and Moo-Moo wish you THE MOST WONDERFUL HARI RAYA EVER! :) Do come visit our open house on Hari Raya ke-3 okay!! ^_^

Ellgina isn’t in the picture.. I just realized I had left her in USM!! How horrified! :((.. feel so sorry for her terpaksa beraya sorang2 kat hostel.. *sob*

Az will be celebrating hari raya di perantauan~~.. (sila baca dengan melodi lagu raya yang sedih)

p.s. please kindly ignore my messy bed at the backgroud =.=”

WordCamp Malaysia

I’ve been reading a few reports by some bloggers who attended the first WordCamp Malaysia at Cititel MidValley last week, and here’s my version, which I guess will be the only report by a non-geek regarding the conference :P Yeah, who would you expect to attend WordCamp if not bunch of geeks – who each and every of them owns at least an iPhone and a MacBook, or an iPad and iPhone, if not all three. And they tweet. And I mean tweet all times. So to define a geek from my observation should be a person who owns Apple gadgets and tweets. Okay. And they blog about tech, codes, design and such. Only those stuff.

I have a Twitter account but hardly tweet. I only realized I had Twitter when I had to tweet for Project Alpha blog contest, otherwise it would have still been left unused. And I dont own any Apple gadgets. And I blog about my sappy life and love. Only these stuff. Thank you.

I came to WordCamp merely because of my interest in WordPress. Although it means I’ve used only the free and feature-limited for over 2 years and only got exposed to the PHP and CSS codes of barely since 3 months ago after I got my own domain in March. I still dont know zillions of things WordPress has to offer, though I have to be thankful that I didnt go total clueless when they were talking about plugins and some technical stuff. And WordPress 3.0 is out now, but I’m still so pessimist to go checking it, given that I’m still far from finishing learning my current version and afraid the 3.0 may get me confused even more. Well, maybe later.

Matt Mullenweg in San Francisco saying hello to WordCamp Malaysia attendees. In case you dont know, Matt is the co-founder of WordPress and he released the first WordPress back in 2003. Or to be precise, on 27 May 2003, and therefore, there was a post-WordCamp event happening in KL the other day to celebrate WordPress 7th birthday by a group of Malaysian WordPress users (I said this coz I received the invitation via FB) which I was not able to attend obviously, coz I came home right away after WordCamp ended.

The attendees. I wasn’t in a good mood of taking photos during the sessions, and I realized I didnt take a good one showing the audience, except these views of empty chairs when everyone was out during some tea break =.= and even the environment outside during the tea wasn’t captured very neat either, I was lazy okay. And I was rather bit upset coz I couldnt make myself socialized with those people for some unknown reasons, I was rather feeling left out to be honest. I didnt manage to on my laptop to tweet. Yeah, everyone was tweeting throughout the session and a number of lucky winners to get free web hosting subscriptions were chosen from their tweets. People who came without lappies were tweeting using their iPhones and whatever gadgets. And I was like, “hm, am I really supposed to tweet too??” It seems that way works to get to know people who were in the hall with you instantly. Perhaps that’s the reason I was feeling left out, coz I didnt tweet! :( Let alone to talk outside Twitter, during the tea break. I knew it’s pointless and I should not expect people to approach me but I was the one who should go and say hi to them. But the groups looked too geeky to me for some weird reason. If only I had come along with a group myself, like most of them did. Instead, I was all alone and lost. Part of me said I shouldnt have been here.

The speakers. There were a number of them talking about various topics one after another, from WordPress history and development, intro to WP 3.0, theme framework, to SEO, BuddyPress, social media, plugins, bla bla bla.. and speeches by sponsors reps like Microsoft and some others I cant remember. The forum session was pretty nice, with 3 Malaysian top bloggers talking about how they earn pretty well only with blogging (and again, they blog about tech stuff and designs of course, what else do you think a blog that gets 100 thousands hits a day is about?). And Naoko of Automattic who came all the way from SF was surprised to get her WordPress cake for her birthday in KL :) I managed to take a photo with Aizat Faiz who was speaking about plugins which sounds a bit too techy for me, but he managed to convince the audience that simple plugins development isn’t that complicated like one would think. BTW I learned that he’s the first Malaysian employee of Facebook. Cool.

The food and goodies. Everyone was eagerly waiting to see what types of food and gifts we were to get with the expensive RM150 fees. I have to admit the food veriety was great, from the morning tea break to buffet lunch to afternoon tea. I helped myself some fresh raw oyster-lookalikes for the first time, I mean, they looked like oysters but they werent ones. And I ate ALOT of it hahaha, with few dishes I guess I could only get from a hotel buffet. Cakes and pastries were great too. Still, I dont think they’re really worth RM150 =.= at least to a poor kid like me.

WordCamp goodie bag was a bit disappointment. I was expecting more great freebies rather than pamphlets from the sponsors to sell their products. WordPress schwags are neat, I wish I could get more. And WordCamp Malaysia black t-shirt, which is, um, just okay.

Photo credit. I didnt have a chance to take a group photo like this coz Az was two minutes too late to reach this place when everyone was gathering for the mass group photo, otherwise I would have had him to take one for me. So I just stole this pic off another blog. Now can you spot me from those bunch? :)

I’ll be attending Malaysia’s First WordCamp! :D

Gahahahaha. I already thought this would happen. *evil grin*

Fact #154 about ilyani:

When she’s trying to cheer up herself after some depressing event, she’s likely to splurge an awesome amount of money on something totally random without thinking twice. Needless to say, within a drastic decision too. Whether she has the money or not.. it’s not that important for anyone to bother knowing.



Now, who’s with me????? :-)

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This one yeah!!!! :)))

See you around WordPressers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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