WordCamp Malaysia: Who’s attending?

I woke up this morning and found an email from Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress in my inbox. He says something about Coming to a WordCamp near you…

To avoid writing a long post about this (since I need to go back study for exam), let me put WordCamp in easy and short definition: it is an event where WordPress users gather (be it WP.com or WP software) to spread around the WordPress goodness. It’s been organized in the US and everywhere since 2006, and this year WordCamp will be happening for the first time in Kuala Lumpur! For details please check www.wordcamp.my and it’s Twitter as well as Facebook page.

Date: 22nd of May 2010, 9am – 5PM.

Venue: Cititel Mid Valley, Mid Valley City, KL

Quoted from the website;

WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. WordCamps are open to WordPress.comand WordPress.org users alike.

So, who’s joining? Come say hello to me, and probably give me good reasons why I should attend too. From Twitter they told me early bird fee will be RM150, but it’s by today =.= Though there will be another chance to get the same rate by registering online this Wednesday quickly – coz it’s for first 50 registration only! Adoi, early price is already RM150, the real price must cost a bomb. Isn’t there any discounted price for poor student like me? :(

Well, I know that I’m so very new in WordPress software and its CSS coding (almost 2 months since I got my own domain) regardless I have been using WodPress.com since 2007. Therefore, though my site is unknown and I am no way a socializing blogger but for my love for WordPress all this time I’M SO MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO ATTEND THIS!

Can anyone sponsor me please?  *regrets being a poor student without monthly salary* >.<

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair: The Largest Bloggers Gathering!

Read: “The Largest Bloggers’ Gathering with GATSBY Deodorant Street Fair”. And I really mean the Largest with capital L.

And Bunny was here yesterday.

Oh Bunny you’re so drama. Okay okay, I admit that I was promising around that I wasn’t attending Gatsby Fair and instead focusing on exam, but but how could I study when my mind was far away in KL, precisely in Berjaya Times Square? And with Rina’s post inviting me (read: forcing me to go).. how could I let her down?? Hence the sudden decision to make a quick trip for a day to KL. Hmm ok I know the explanation is unnecessary.

The crowd of bloggers in red! We had official photo session for the Malaysia Book of Records as they came to remark this event officially as MALAYSIA’S LARGEST BLOGGERS GATHERING! Whoohoooo!!!

Yup, here, the official peeps of Malaysia Book of Record and Nuffnang big bos showing off our huge certificate for being listed in the record book! ^_^ YAY, I was included in the book of record, how cool is that??? Okay, me with 518 other bloggers who came that day la.

The Gatsby Street Fair was named Gatsby Street Fair so coz you can find LOADS of fun street-games like these filling the huge front foyer of Berjaya Times Square.

And it was also named Gatsby Street Fair coz most of the games use Gatsby products as tokens.. I mean, shooting Gatsby deodorant spray cans, fishing Gatsby deodorant bottles, and the likes :P HAHAHA and yes, the event did smell like deodorant all over :)) nice ones. Once you win the game, you’re given one or two blue coupons, and the more you win, the more Gatsby points you get! I managed to get 12 points for first session and another 14 points for afternoon session! Not that professional la.. some of the games were too difficult as well =.=

Ohohoho.. and this is the funniest one:

ilyani decided to look silly and joined this air-balloon sumo battle with Rina.. and after a few minutes she decided to surrender :P

Eh forgot pulak to introduce the bloggers I met in the fair yesterday. These are the peeps I went around with to play games, to take pics, to dine at McDonalds. Otherwise I didnt know anyone else among those bunch of people!

Top-left: Rina. She’s been my blogger friend ever since I joined Nuffnang, cant remember who arrived to whose blog first, but I guess she’s the first blogger that I met in person! Rina is cool!

T0p-right: Murni, Rina’s friend from school.

Bottom-left: Aidi-Safuan, also Rina’s friend from UNITEN.

I also came across a few other bloggers I know (and dont).

Left: Kira-max!! :) hehehe. I bumped into her and excitedly call her name, and introduce myself. She claimed, “oh, I thought you were not coming!” and “I didnt know your face from your blog..” yayayaya I know I dont put my pics so much in the blog coz I think Bunny is prettier than me so he deserves to be featured every now and then.. T_T

Right: Audrey of fourfeetnine.com, I thought I have seen her blog before. She was an eye-catcher in the event as she was so pretty and petite! And she doesnt wear red t-shirt like us! I guess she’s some VIP guest by Nuffnang itself ;-) Oh and she says Bunny’s cute! ^_^

Left: Devi da Lil’ DeviL, who was around carrying a DSLR camera with her, obviously, coz her blog is about photography. And it was my first time using such big camera when she wanted me to take the photo of her with friend.

Right: Sharon of Mika ♥ Shaz, we talked to her while lepak2 waiting for the lucky draw announcement.

Left: Supia from Supiaholic! It was a surprise to bump into her.. and again, she’s another person to acclaim, “I thought you wouldnt come!!!” =_= OK OK now it seems like I really have been spreading lies.. lol

Right: Sakira of Sakiralicious. I just thought I’ve seen her blog feed from GengBlogger before, so I’d just say hi :)

The best part: We took pics with the Nuffnang big boss Mr Timothy Tiah! :D

Finally, the lucky draw sessions took place twice, at 2pm and 5pm, and boths sessions gave away loads of cool prizes like Acer laptop, Ninetendo Wii, GPS set, Canon Ixus camera, Acer PDA phone, Blackberry phone.. *drools* yeah yeah all of us regardless being tired after a whole day playing games and walking around still chose to stay until the end, hoping to get our names to be called as the lucky winner!

One of the bosses went into the wind box and choose tiny notes written there each blogger’s name. Your luck is set by this wind box! Aaaaaaaaaaaand guess what, Aidi was one of the luckiest bloggers that day and managed to come home with a Blackberry phone! >.< so teh jealous!!!! Why they never called ilyani??? *sob*

Anyway, that’s my piece from the Gatsby Street Fair, which I could say really fun until the extent my legs got really hurt walking! ~.~ What I got even though not winning any of those expensive lucky draw prizes? Hmmph, 1 Gatsby deodorant spray (like Takuya Kimura was wearing here) and 1 Gatsby cooling facial foam, from the points redemption lah. Eh but these stuff are for men la.. Tsk…


Sesuatu akan berlaku pada esok hari akibat daripada kegagalan mengawal kehendak hati dan mengabaikan akal fikiran. Boleh juga dikatakan akibat konfiden dengan kemampuan diri sendiri.

Apa aku membebel ni.. eheheh.. takmo cakap kat sesapa.. :P

*wink kat Rina*


The Chronicles of Penang: The Location

Hmm I just realized this cheap WordPress can’t embed Google maps. So a print-screen is an alternative. Click on pic to go to actual map.

One thing that has been in mind since AGES and now becomes densed even more now that my focus is on the transportation to go to westcoast:

– The stupid government is toooooooo busy building elevated highways and light trains and mega skycrapers in KL only that never seem to realize that MILLIONS of people would need a railway from the east to Westcoast i.e. Penang, Perak, Selangor… and vice versa.

You see? Since the existence of railway in Malaya more than 100 years ago.. it’s only been this way and never improved, you need to travel south first to go to KL by railway, hence long 13+ hours.. while they could have actually been much shorter should they spend some time thinking wisely and come up with a crossing railway from east to west.. I would say it may only take less than 10 hours to KL and only 5 hours to Penang.. or can be faster assuming they’ll improve the trains system itself rather than still being stuck at the era of Japanese colonization (no offense to Japan, this is a regular metaphor to actually say loooooooooooooong time ago and never get civilized). Sigh but some people are too blind to realize.. coz they only travel by private jets..

So….. forget the train now it’s more than ridiculous to travel to Penang by train if you have to go south first then come up north again. Driving would take 5 hours from Kota Bharu, as some say.. so it’s relatively closer than to KL obviously.

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