First Anniversary

When I was walking after office today while talking to Az on the phone, he suddenly wished ‘Happy Anniversary’, not once, but I guess 3 times repeatedly, leaving me in a confusion (but didnt bother to quickly think what that’s supposed to mean coz I was damn tired after 7pm). Then he knew that I was blank, and mentioned yesterday, 29 May was the date of our wedding we had in Melaka (Az’s house) last year. Ahh, that one counts as anniversary also ka? Okay lah..

Although during the actual anniversary 5 February this year I was far from having 5 minutes to blog about it in, now I’ll do it for the Melaka anniversary.

29 May 2011, Melaka. Last minute renting this songket costume (all the way from KB!) because Az’s mom suddenly wanted us to wear songket too in Melaka after seeing us in songket during wedding at my home earlier (5 February). And we had to wear songket during reception in KB thanks to my grandma’s wish to see us in songket. In the end, my Dubai lace modern kurung (which I had put all my creativity to design it) and dress end up being secondary dress for the wedding =.= *sigh*

Note to my foreign friends: Malay weddings traditionally come twice if you get married: first where the solemnization happens (which is, the actual marriage day) usually at the bride’s house, inviting family and friends of the bride’s family. Another will be at the groom’s house, which is the reception for their family and friends, and it usually comes one to few weeks after the bride’s reception, although can be months. In our case, we had like 3 months gap. And oh, should I point that our wedding in Melaka actually happened after our honeymoon trip? :D

Happy (Melaka) Anniversary, Az! Luv ya!

Az’s Little Account Book

I dont know if this happens to anyone else having a husband who’s accountant by profession, but I have to endure his over┬áconscious of our budget and spending, which is sometimes I think rather unnecessary. And here I want to reveal a little book (buku tiga lima) which tracks record of every single Rupee spent during our India trip last year.

Okay, nothing special about this book. At least I said so, and when he was busy jotting down all auto-rickshaw fares, monument entrance, food etc we had spent for that day, I would give an unpleasant ‘is that really important?’ kind of look. “My family never bother taking note of how much we spent during travel, yet still we survived without getting short of money :P” I teased him. Well I realized he’s taking precaution so to track our money out and if we’re still within budget. By writing down in this small book.

He would write separate page for each day, and in another section, the money out was calculated in category (whether it’s hotel, food, entrance fee, transport, etc) and the last section at the end is where the figures would be audited again so that everything and the balance would telly, and we know how much money remain by day without having to dig out our pocket again and re-count the notes again. Ya, he gets a point there, but still, this is so much fuss to me. Who needs to care about our budget that much when we know we already bring enough funds already?

Yup, I never actually agreed with him regarding the small book, until recently, when I found the book again, how I realized it helped ALOT to trace our journey in details! ^_^ I’ve been compiling our travelogues in another place (not in this blog finally, seeing I have so much to write and I’m so perfectionist when it comes to documenting our travel stories!). Well, this little book turned out to be my savior!

Apart from our spending account, this book records some marks from people we dearly met in Delhi.. with Mr Showkat’s note of his address in Kashmir he asked us to visit, and his sketch of map of Mughal Gardens in Srinagar.

Also, some other addresses we could keep in case we visit them again!

The luggage sticker for our SpiceJet flight to Srinagar! And phone number and name of mysterious guy we kept encountering in Srinagar! Ohhhh this little book has become a memorable item now! T_T I love you Az! You’re so genius!

I will reveal the travel blog one of these days, if you like. Hopefully before China.