Eidul-fitri wishes from ilyani.net :-)

To all my friends, readers, and strangers who like to pass by here :)

Have a wonderful Eid.

Bunny, Camque, Pucca, Garu and Moo-Moo wish you THE MOST WONDERFUL HARI RAYA EVER! :) Do come visit our open house on Hari Raya ke-3 okay!! ^_^

Ellgina isn’t in the picture.. I just realized I had left her in USM!! How horrified! :((.. feel so sorry for her terpaksa beraya sorang2 kat hostel.. *sob*

Az will be celebrating hari raya di perantauan~~.. (sila baca dengan melodi lagu raya yang sedih)

p.s. please kindly ignore my messy bed at the backgroud =.=”


Finally got Az’s first email from Sydney.. he’s alive and kicking, though 7 degree celcius sounds a bit too freezing to imagine.

It’s funny to recall that I actually last talked to him on last Friday afternoon, and today – Sunday – 2 days afterwards, it already feels like he’d been gone for a week! =.= So, say after 3 weeks later.. would it feel like he’d been gone for 10 weeks?? (I mean, 2 days feels like 7 days; 20 days feels like 70 days=10 weeks.. okay, am I making any sense? No? Nevermind.)

I cant help giggling at the first photo he had to send me. Instead of an Aussie landmark whatsoever, he chose to send me this:

I’m trying my best to keep his privacy and not to show his photos in this blog too much, but sorry I just HAD TO post this one :P