First off, Happy Ramadan. For some reason, this Ramadan seems to be joyful to me this year than the previous year. Improving, I can say. Lately I feel closer to God, the more I need to be thankful, and the more I need His help in order to live life accordingly and happy. Things are almost perfect to me at this moment I dont even have much left to wish for (except to finish my annoying project maybe). I know this might not happen to normal practicing Muslims I know, but to me at least, I’ve been in those times that I used to have a love-hate relationship with my own Creator. It wasnt funny. It was sinful. True, I wasn’t as close to Him last year as much I am now. I didnt bother to pray Tarawih and read Quran during Ramadan then as much as I do now. I didnt bother to do anything good at all. I didnt even bother celebrating the Eid. I didnt bother to be happy. I was life-less. Period.

Oh yes, now I sigh and smile, thinking how much things have changed in a year. How much I’ve changed in a year.


I’m back home (yep, again) since Mama happens to have many projects right now and I happen to be involved in a few things. There are heaps to catch up and plan I’m almost sure that I’ll be having loads more to do right after I finish USM >.< Suddenly there are countless dreams and wishes for future, which somehow quickly transformed as plans, regarding my career, my family, family business, website business, and.. Az. Though there’s no certain decision of when regarding marriage yet, but we’ve been so excited discussing the honeymoon trip already :P And house. And car. And babies!!!! lol. Can you believe that? Az has been talking about babies??! (v_v;) *God, save my soul..~* Anyways.

I’ve been busy I’m even too tired to talk about what I’ve been doing.


I’m now home for 1 week and I’ll be back to USM to continue my project for 1 week and will be coming back home for 2 weeks of Hari Raya holiday :)) that’s actually the BESTEST thing about doing project this semester, since I have no class and I manage my own time so I can simply come home whenever I want and however long holiday I want LALALALA :D


OK, last thing to rant.. since many months Az has been calling me on the phone everyday and it almost seems like I’m always having him around even though we’re actually far. (He got me a number from his Digi family so we call for free 24/7!). And, this evening he made his last call before flying to Sydney with the family – to attend sister’s graduation and celebrate the Eid there – altogether spanning 3 weeks of absence, meaning 3 weeks of no phone calls. Can I survive that? Hmm.. unless I’ll make him Skype (though I never really use it myself..) but perhaps I shouldnt disturb his holiday with family anyway. But he promises he’ll email and blog the photos.

Sigh, I still cant be happy.

Still here..

I’m back to USM the other day after spending 1 week at home. I had to take care of the house while my parents were on holiday to Sarawak visiting sis – which I was meaning to work on my project proposal in the meantime – but ended up getting my ass busier on something totally irrelevant to my master’s project. In fact, it’s been obvious that I’m studying something I dont actually fancy.. yuck! If USM had a course called WordPess Web Design & Development, I’m sure I’ll be getting an excellent grade :P

Yes yes I’m having yet another project with Az with our small freelance website business, after a couple of small company websites done and we’re glad that we actually made money from it and now I’m making a new community site for the apartment area where Az owns a house there. I am so excited about that coz the place  has been so significant to us and perhaps could be THE reason why we met in this web space (yup, a long story, unless you’ve been following this blog since end last year perhaps you might have some idea what I’m talking about), and plus, my parents are in process of buying a house there too, so it’s somehow already been in my mind, the pictures of me & Az living there.. (isnt that too fast-forwarded plan?? :P)

And another significant event is…….. THE PARENTS HAVE MET!!!! O_O Yup, my parents, and his parents. Right during the time we were in KL seeing the house. It was such an unplanned meeting, or you can say, plan was made within less than 24 hours, and before I knew it, I saw 6 of us: me, Az and both of our parents, having a nice morning tea in some gerai in the apartment area. It was such a comfortable moment I can say, even though they were meeting each other for the first time. And for me, meeting Az for the 5th time. (What?? Fifth only so far?? =.=)

And and and… after sending my parents getting ERL at KL Sentral, we had of course, a few private, parents-free hours to spend together, eating, talking, walking around, having silent moments. Before he sent me to train going back to Penang.

So yeah, now I’m back in USM, right at my cubicle, bored and busy with my project proposal again – deadline is 16th.. how annoying is that???


Another reason why you should move and live in Langkawi, apart from cheap cars: there are hell lot variety of pretty postcards of this island! Unlike Kelantan postcards, unlike the already-boring KL cards.. hmmph, I dont know if there are many Postcrossers in Langkawi anyway? Otherwise it’s such a waste!

Despite my long absence from Postcrossing and the habit of shopping-writing-sending-postcards-like-mad since ages, it was amazing that when I go on a vacation and see racks of postcards available, the itch comes back by default just instantly! :D I mean, it’s a real crime not buying at least 30 pieces when you already come all the way to here for a holiday, dont you think?

I dont go tagging or swapping on the forum anymore, let alone requesting officials (afraid if I cant keep up with registering cards on time) but I’m blessed that I still know a bunch of dear people who will always be delighted to receive mails :D so these 20+ people, whether you’re reading here or not, as long as I still keep your address, you can expect a mail from me soon ^_^

Talking about postcards, I received my first postcard from Az the other week :P

If this werent an advertisement card, I could have sworn that it wouldnt come as surprise anymore since I’ve already seen ALL possible pictures of KL postcards by now. Hohoho (gelak seorang postcrosser otai yg berlagak). And yes, Az likes to write using a pencil =.= and it’s the second time he addressed Nibong Tebal in Perak. Tsk… I know Parit Buntar is only steps away, but USM Nibong Tebal is still in Penang, okay?


8pm tonight: there will be downtime for and all subdomain blogs coz we’re migrating the server. To where? To a place where my heart is closer to ;-) HAHA okay la will explain more next time ;D so see ya and pls pray that my sites wont crash tonight.

A not so birthday-ish birthday, but I got my bestest birthday gift this year:)

Aiyo. 12.58 midnight already, I missed blogging on my birthday >.<

So peeps, ilyani has freaking turned 27 on 20 June 2010. OMG. I cant believe that number, can you? I am old.


Old. (v_v;)

Nothing much to say, just I woke up late today and had this wish to give a little treat for myself, a Subway sandwich or a huge pizza, only to realize that I dont have Kelisa here anymore *sob* but hey, my roommate has a car this semester so after a short talk we decided to drive for Kenny Rogers at Juru. Was so excited somehow even though having been bored here in empty USM right now.. until the very moment I was done with the makeup and I had a sudden &*^VU%# pain (read: women monthly pain) so hard I was almost dying. SO there how my sappy birthday plan went – and I saw myself curling myself on bed for the rest of the day. Ironic, no?

Anyways. I am not the kind of person who must celebrate her birthday, much less to be excited about it (I mean, who on a right mind is happy about getting a year older???) but yeah, with this dull environment I’m having right now, I just thought it could be an excuse for me to cheer myself up on this day. Afterall it’s still a painful fact to know I’m now a year older when I havent actually achieved much in my life.

The brighter side is, many thanks for all birthday wishes I got by sms, FB and Postcrossing forum, you guys really made my day! :D And though I no longer receive many birthday cards this year unlike previous years when I was a super active Postcrosser ;-) hmm but it’s okay, I guess I already got my bestest birthday gift this year… which I’m not telling you what it is :P


Oh by the way, I met Az & his parents yesterday! (19th June). Coincidently, they were going back to KL all the way from the father’s hometown in Alor Setar, and now it’s the only thing I’m happy about the fact that USM Engineering Campus is located in deserted Nibong Tebal.. coz it’s near the North-South highway and they managed to drop by for a few hours to see me here and we had lunch with nasi ayam in Parit Buntar. And I received a bag of fruits from kampung.. :)

Good nite & bye bye 26-year-old ilyani, and I’m now (trying to) start living my life as a 27-year-old lady. Yikes.

Az in KB, and other stuff.

Hullo. I’m alive and kicking. Just too busy to blog. Busy of what? Busy enjoying happiness :) (eh poyo..)

Ok lah, summarized version only.

1) Az in Kota Bharu

Az was here for 3 days, meeting my parents, seeing places, having fun, and eating like mad. I am so much relieved that the meet-up and his visit went well, Alhamdulillah. I cant describe in words of how excited I was and being the first timer in the family to finally introduce my other-half to the parents has actually been really awkward, needless to say the sudden expectations from people. I dont feel like writing in details about this coz there are heaps to write and I’m so lazy, therefore I’m just telling you the brief idea, and you’ll not even see pics of us anymore (padan muka :P) coz I need to be more secure about this from now on, knowing that my blog has been reached by some anonymous readers beyond my expectation. And I got some overwhelming responses for the pics of me & Az I put in few last post, and somehow it’s been like I am abusing our own privacy, though Az himself doesnt mind about it. And I know it’s my blog and my own space and I dont actually need to fear writing or displaying anything I want, yet I just realized that things have so much changed since era, where nobody was really aware about the blog existence then (where it was safer). Plus, I’m having a private blog where I write together with Az (yes, he does blog there too and am so much giddy about it XD) so I guess things about us will be gradually be more focused in there rather than on

2) My project proposal

Which I have not yet started doing =.= When I was meeting up with Dr Umi the other week, she gave me 2 weeks to do the journal readings and write the Lit reviews and project proposal.. but aiyooh.. where did my time go?? :( Really need to start working my ass off or I’ll be real doomed, expected to leave for USM end of this week. *sob* And I may not be having Kelisa in first few weeks there.. and maybe months :(

3) Crafty bags

Like these?? :) Head on to to see my new addition! :)) Tell me that you’re reader or follower you’ll get 10% discount! :D

4) I am Exabytes Happy Client winner!

Happier, in fact! Hehe. Will let you know more once I receive the voucher :P Now only the spoiler:

See you! ^_^