Happiness of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I was in Langkawi over the weekend. Last minute holiday plan, which my family is very good at.

It’s been hectic these days, really, and I’m even in my semester break! Therefore, seeing some beautiful beaches and water rather does help to soothe my days again.

Or maybe not.

Meeting Dr Umi during my short visit to USM, I’ve been given my very first assignment for the dissertation project. Project proposal with literature reviews to be done within 2 weeks. And that can only happen if I manage to sit and read loads of journal PDF files which I admit I dont really fancy about. What to do?

And Az is coming over in a few days. It’s been like a dream all this while, and I didnt honestly expect the dream would come true this soon. In between the excitement, it’s rather strange to think that I’m finally bringing a guy home to meet my parents. This is the first time, and I’m clueless of what I’m supposed to do! =.= I’m just hoping for the best that I will not at least make his days at my house and hometown go disaster should I not plan properly. Today I just went to book a hotel room for him. And until this hour, I still havent decided much about places I should bring him to, apart from breakfast with nasi kerabu the morning he arrives.

I’m making myself busy with the shop as well. Went to the shop at bazar today to check clothes that have been sold during my absence, which was quite amusing than I had thought. Our shop assistant seems to make loads more sales than I do with my blogshop (v_v). Hmm. Anyways took few more pics of new clothes to upload soon.

And I still need to clean my room.

EXCLUSIVE!! Disclosure of Az’s photos :P

Haha tajuk sikit punya gempak :D Yeah only on ilyani.net I’m gonna (finally) introduce to you my boyfriend in flesh. You will not find these pics on my Facebook or wherever else, they’re only exclusive to my friends who keep on reading my stories here :)

BTW, if you missed my previous meetup posts with Az, here they’re again: First meeting, Second meeting.

So my dears, this is Az – whom I’ve been talking constantly about for past half a year in this blog, whom you’ve been reading about without actually having any idea how the guy actually looks like. I hope he doesnt mind that I finally took a brave move to abuse his privacy even more this time :P Sorry, but I cant help it okay, after these photo sessions during WordCamp last week, I mean, I cant help falling in love with these pics myself.. we look so damn happy, dontcha think? ^_^ (p.s. to Az, I promise this post won’t be covered by CNN and I dont have many readers anyway so dont worry about chances of your photos to be discovered by the whole world, coz it’s unlikely :P)

Plus, it’s so appropriate to upload these pics while the WordCamp mood is still there. Who agrees with me? :D Oh btw I *did* actually put a pic with Az in previous post about WordCamp, but I guess nobody noticed coz I didnt practically mention it was him :P (go check again the pic two of us with Aizat Faiz okay).

And to make it sound appropriate even more, let me remind you again that I found this guy right from my ilyani.wordpress.com blog sometime last year :)

And the quirky fact (which I was told only during our first date – which happened after 4 months knowing him virtually) that Az keeps my number in his phone book under name “Ilyani Mat WordPress” all this time. I mean, seriously! O_O And his argument was like, “I never knew there exist such thing called a WordPress blog before I came across yours”. Hmm? So is that the reason WordPress has to stick to my name there? Huh? Huh? =.=

So yeah, it’s afterall a WordPress love, peeps. Who would have thought? :)


Aiyoh… after 4.5 months baru 200. Unlike the previous 100 milestone was reached within 2.5 months only. (read here)

My biggest fan is no longer obsessed stalking my blog as much as he used to be… :(

** Does not include visits from home PC & laptop,.. and maybe soon brand new Dell Studio also :P