Bangsawan Sinbad: Batu Permata Dewa

Finally I could upload this video (ripped from the DVD :P) to YouTube, sigh. Sinbad theater!!! :D Which I went all the way to watch in USM main campus, Penang the other week with my roommates, and luckily it was rather worth driving 1 hour and coming back late after midnight. The play took place inside USM’s very own Dewan Budaya, perhaps that what made us get entry ticket with student price of RM5. I would say Bangsawan Sinbad wasn’t bad at all regardless except Syafinaz Selamat, the rest of the actors are unknown to me, then again I guess most theater people are.

What is ‘Bangsawan’ theater? We were told that Bangsawan is traditional Malay opera originated from India in past century, brought by Indian travelers and merchants and in this region it has started in Penang. I might be wrong with my own assumption but I guess the thing that makes Bangsawan unusual compared to other Malay theaters I’ve been to, that in between the story scenes (while they change the background set) it has several performances of totally irrelevant musical groups and songs! I mean, do you expect it while you’ve been watching Sinbad the hero cruising the ocean with the ship crews and the princess to search that evil witch who stole their royal magical gem, suddenly there’s a break time, curtain closed, and there comes a group of dancers on the stage wearing afro wigs and fit pants dancing Saturday Night Fever?? T_T

Okay, funny.

You can say, the story is quite predictable, and Sinbad finally managed to fight the evil witch.. and marry the princess, live happily ever after. Heh. However, with comedy values and happy musicals kept the audience on track until the end without getting bored. I love especially this song the evil witch singing with her devils.. and I don’t know, but to my ears this song sounds French.. no?