The theme that is!

Somehow I landed to, a website that offers easy download of’s collection of themes to be used for self-hosted WP easily without having to access the SVN. And I found again this old Thirteen theme that definitely recalls to the years I was blogging in, those adolescence time I would say. Haha. The time most of the posts were whining about either men or failing relationship or crushes or heartbroken or boring life. Which I dont want to go humiliate myself and read again those crappy pieces I even opened for public read (oh so awkward). But I believe I have deleted most of the stupidest ones during last cleanup. How time flies and look at here now, I’ve got a baby and even posted baby pics in blog! :)) Well WordPress, you really document my ups and downs very well these years!

But for the sake of memoria, let me use the theme once again.

161009 Love Story: How it all started..

This post was meant to be posted yesterday, but I simply forgot =.=

A few weeks ago, I was anticipating yesterday so much, and wanted to make a dedicated post for this date, 16 October, for some reason that you may or may not be aware of.

Yesterday completed one whole year since Az came into my life.

I really dont know where to start. This one magical year, which has so quickly passed, but at the same time, it feels as if it was a very long, long year, looking back how far we have gone.

I could say, this accidental and unexpected meeting, which one can see it too ridiculous to just be a coincidence, therefore I chose to see it as a destiny, it’s really meant to be this way, God has answered my prayers at right time my life was in a deepshit, and brought him to me almost just instantly. A savior.

Through Google :P

Yup, this wouldnt have happened without Google. Yeah, big credit to Google that he found my blog, and we’re now a happy engaged couple.

Now let me tell you the story of how Az found his fiancé through Google :P

***** Insert a background instrumental music here ********

One evening on 16th October 2009, there’s a guy on his PC, browsing Google for a certain keyword: Tasik Heights Apartment for rent. Just that.

And he was randomly clicking through some results he got on the first page.

It was when he arrived to this blog post entitled “Tasik Heights Apartment?” dated back in 2008, written by a girl before her moving to the apartment when starting her job in KL.

The guy, assuming that the blog owner was still living in the apartment, decided to ask her regarding the rental, though he somehow didnt leave the comment at the right post, but rather, the latest post of the blog at that particular time.

The blog post doesnt sound so right, no? The girl was hardly updating her blog in those days. She was suffering from big depression thanks to sudden realization that her decision of coming to USM doing Master’s might be a wrong idea when she was failing two Analog tests in a row, but that’s not actually the main reason of the depression. It was more because she was having the biggest argument with the ex-bf, whom she had wanted to stay friends with, which turned out to be even the worst decision she had ever made in her life. Even writing blog didnt help, knowing that her readers and family might not like the idea she was still in contact with the ex after a year of leaving him, so she chose to keep it secret. The most bitter secret she had to keep in her throat. And she totally had nobody else to turn to.

Except maybe, God.

She was praying harder than she had ever done in her life. It’s ironic that maybe you get the closest to Him when you’re saddest and lowest and suicidal, so desperately to ask Him to wipe away the sadness from you. It was when she knows that her Creator really listens to her little voice when nobody else would. It was when the miracle happened.

God sent the savior directly to the girl’s blog. In the form of a clueless guy asking sensible rental of an apartment. Yes, it doesnt sound relevant: from apartment rental, to saving someone from depression, to love. But it simply happened that way. Believe me.

The girl, woke up in the morning and after a great prayer, opened her laptop checking email, and suddenly the blog comment notification made her smile. Which she didnt know how and why, but she just felt a happy itch. It was not the first time she received questions regarding the apartment anyway, as if she was still living there. As if she had a room for rent =.=  But she decided to kindly reply the comment by email.

And the guy, instead of accepting the fact that he wouldnt get the answer for the apartment question and leave, still somehow, unexpectedly, replied back the girl’s email.

See.. siap kasi FB profile link :P And by this time the girl had a sudden feeling that this funny guy apparently has a few things in common with her, and at least he could be someone she can communicate, for whatever matter. So she replied again, and added him to FB friend as courtesy.

And  there came the first FB message from the guy upon approving the FB friendship. The magical message you could call the savior of the girl’s depression to instantly be wiped away. I mean, seriously!

Now, do you sense any love to grow shortly afterwards? And, is it possible for the girl not to fall in love at first message, especially at the point of time she needed a cheer so much?

The guy might still be an unknown stranger to her by this stage, but whether you believe it or not, she did fall in love.


And that’s how it all started.


P.S. to Az, I just feel the right to share these conversations today, after a year it happened. Hope you dont mind ;P

..This story post may be continued, and may be not.

My FIRST Nuffnang cheque is here!!! :D

YAY YAY YAY! Come sing along with me! XD

Finally the long-awaited piece of paper reached my home safe and sound!

It was the cumulative amount I earned within my first two months with Nuffnang (March & April 2010). Yep, not that much, but anyway I know my blog is still far from being defined as “having many visitors & readers”. Okay, RM50 of the total amount was from Gatsby Street Fair event (yeah, do you really think I would go to KL all the way from Penang for the event should they not pay me at least for the train ticket??), RM60 from 3 Project Alpha blog posts (the lame posts I wrote about Adidas, P1 Wimax and stuff which look rather annoyingly desperate, I know =.= needless to say those YouTube video embeds which I havent even had time to watch them all lol.. all those for the sake of RM20 each post okay!! :P I’ve learned that Project Alpha is over so after this no more chance to get RM20 that easy every week *sob* I even missed the last topic to blog *sob again*).. so only the rest were generated from my ads click.. you do the maths.. not that much afterall kan? Whatever pun, I’m so thankful for this so-called side income while having fun blogging myself ^_^

Thank you Nuffnang!!

Exabytes promotion for USM students!

The other day I received a comment by Ladycooper in this post informing me about this. Exabytes is having freaking cheap package for students! And this time, they particularly mentioned USM in the promotion package :D Click here for detais.

See? Siap dengan USM logo lagi..hehe.. though it’s much the same thing as the current Xtudent promotion they’re having (here), regardless which university or college you’re from (I dont think they care much anyway :P) and yeah, now RM49.50 only for hosting package including domain!! T_T .. Now you’re asking why I’m sad when I’m supposed to be happy with that super discounted price.. COZ I BOUGHT THE SAME XTUDENT PACKAGE 3 MONTHS AGO AT RM99.00 DAMMIT.


*still sad*

*wish they had this promotion 3 months ago*

*or I had waited til May to purchase my hosting package*


Now rugi RM50.. haih.

So you students of USM or wherever, go and buy Xtudent package from Exabytes now otherwise later you’ll regret as I do now.