Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair: The Largest Bloggers Gathering!

Read: “The Largest Bloggers’ Gathering with GATSBY Deodorant Street Fair”. And I really mean the Largest with capital L.

And Bunny was here yesterday.

Oh Bunny you’re so drama. Okay okay, I admit that I was promising around that I wasn’t attending Gatsby Fair and instead focusing on exam, but but how could I study when my mind was far away in KL, precisely in Berjaya Times Square? And with Rina’s post inviting me (read: forcing me to go).. how could I let her down?? Hence the sudden decision to make a quick trip for a day to KL. Hmm ok I know the explanation is unnecessary.

The crowd of bloggers in red! We had official photo session for the Malaysia Book of Records as they came to remark this event officially as MALAYSIA’S LARGEST BLOGGERS GATHERING! Whoohoooo!!!

Yup, here, the official peeps of Malaysia Book of Record and Nuffnang big bos showing off our huge certificate for being listed in the record book! ^_^ YAY, I was included in the book of record, how cool is that??? Okay, me with 518 other bloggers who came that day la.

The Gatsby Street Fair was named Gatsby Street Fair so coz you can find LOADS of fun street-games like these filling the huge front foyer of Berjaya Times Square.

And it was also named Gatsby Street Fair coz most of the games use Gatsby products as tokens.. I mean, shooting Gatsby deodorant spray cans, fishing Gatsby deodorant bottles, and the likes :P HAHAHA and yes, the event did smell like deodorant all over :)) nice ones. Once you win the game, you’re given one or two blue coupons, and the more you win, the more Gatsby points you get! I managed to get 12 points for first session and another 14 points for afternoon session! Not that professional la.. some of the games were too difficult as well =.=

Ohohoho.. and this is the funniest one:

ilyani decided to look silly and joined this air-balloon sumo battle with Rina.. and after a few minutes she decided to surrender :P

Eh forgot pulak to introduce the bloggers I met in the fair yesterday. These are the peeps I went around with to play games, to take pics, to dine at McDonalds. Otherwise I didnt know anyone else among those bunch of people!

Top-left: Rina. She’s been my blogger friend ever since I joined Nuffnang, cant remember who arrived to whose blog first, but I guess she’s the first blogger that I met in person! Rina is cool!

T0p-right: Murni, Rina’s friend from school.

Bottom-left: Aidi-Safuan, also Rina’s friend from UNITEN.

I also came across a few other bloggers I know (and dont).

Left: Kira-max!! :) hehehe. I bumped into her and excitedly call her name, and introduce myself. She claimed, “oh, I thought you were not coming!” and “I didnt know your face from your blog..” yayayaya I know I dont put my pics so much in the blog coz I think Bunny is prettier than me so he deserves to be featured every now and then.. T_T

Right: Audrey of, I thought I have seen her blog before. She was an eye-catcher in the event as she was so pretty and petite! And she doesnt wear red t-shirt like us! I guess she’s some VIP guest by Nuffnang itself ;-) Oh and she says Bunny’s cute! ^_^

Left: Devi da Lil’ DeviL, who was around carrying a DSLR camera with her, obviously, coz her blog is about photography. And it was my first time using such big camera when she wanted me to take the photo of her with friend.

Right: Sharon of Mika ♥ Shaz, we talked to her while lepak2 waiting for the lucky draw announcement.

Left: Supia from Supiaholic! It was a surprise to bump into her.. and again, she’s another person to acclaim, “I thought you wouldnt come!!!” =_= OK OK now it seems like I really have been spreading lies.. lol

Right: Sakira of Sakiralicious. I just thought I’ve seen her blog feed from GengBlogger before, so I’d just say hi :)

The best part: We took pics with the Nuffnang big boss Mr Timothy Tiah! :D

Finally, the lucky draw sessions took place twice, at 2pm and 5pm, and boths sessions gave away loads of cool prizes like Acer laptop, Ninetendo Wii, GPS set, Canon Ixus camera, Acer PDA phone, Blackberry phone.. *drools* yeah yeah all of us regardless being tired after a whole day playing games and walking around still chose to stay until the end, hoping to get our names to be called as the lucky winner!

One of the bosses went into the wind box and choose tiny notes written there each blogger’s name. Your luck is set by this wind box! Aaaaaaaaaaaand guess what, Aidi was one of the luckiest bloggers that day and managed to come home with a Blackberry phone! >.< so teh jealous!!!! Why they never called ilyani??? *sob*

Anyway, that’s my piece from the Gatsby Street Fair, which I could say really fun until the extent my legs got really hurt walking! ~.~ What I got even though not winning any of those expensive lucky draw prizes? Hmmph, 1 Gatsby deodorant spray (like Takuya Kimura was wearing here) and 1 Gatsby cooling facial foam, from the points redemption lah. Eh but these stuff are for men la.. Tsk…

Postcards to Nibong Tebal

I’m dedicating this post to Nay, a cheerful blogger whom I came across during blogwalking lately who happens to be a Postcrosser :) I mean, it’s such a pure luck to meet a Postcrosser outside Postcrossing site itself, no? (that counts Postcrossing Forum and postcards-related blogs and Facebook as well – where I already have loads of Postcrossers in friend list – and there could be more Postcrossers who are friends of friends therefore meeting Postcrossers on FB is no longer a coincidence) so YAY, I was happy as I found at least one among those bunch of bloggers from Nuffnang community visiting me lately who shares the same passion as I do! :D

And yesterday I received 2 official cards again – addressed to my hostel. As I said earlier I have put my Postcrossing career in rest  ever since I came to study in USM (I used to be a certified full-time Postcrosser, mind you – though a full-time career as a Postcrosser was more like spending more money while earning nothing :P), but as I got some cards in my hands the other month it was hard enough to resist myself from requesting address on Postcrossing. Hence the guilty pleasure, again, and I now started sending postcards after one semester of being totally inactive. And also, the swaps from people who PM me after being featured as Postcrossing Spotlight. And these are what I received within past few weeks:

From China, Brazil, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Finland, India, Romania, Serbia,  Slovenia.

If only I had a scanner here in my hostel room, you’ll not be surprised at all if you see me start scanning postcards and uploading to Flickr and updating the postcards blog again :P Well my roommate has a scanner, but it’s pointless to borrow for such purpose, I mean, okay, maybe I’m still not that desperate to update my Postcrossing collection just yet. (p.s. I used to be more than desperate actually – was spending hours in UIA computer lab many years ago only to scan my postcards when my scanner got broken =_= now give me a surprised look, I dont mind.) Well yeah, perhaps I’m still keeping my words that I said when I was about to give it a rest for a while as I knew I’d be having so much to do once I continue studying, even though I am not entirely too busy, but still, I know if I start doing it, then I’ll be devoting all my time and soul and money to it :)

To anyone else, apart from Nay, who pass by here and you’re a Postcrosser, please say hello to me! And my question now, are you as crazy as me (and many others, actually) who would keep a blog entirely about postcards you receive?

Oh kay, it was a bloody nightmare =_=


I should be awarded as THE WORLD’S FASTEST PERSON TO GET PANIC and shortly later realize that it was nothing at all as I was fussing about. It must be the fever virus affecting my emotion and messed with it =.=

Nevermind, but at least I learned about different people behavior, and to prepare myself to not freak out too soon next time it happens. But mind you, if it ever happens again next time, I’ll go and punch you in the face. Or maybe punch my own face. Either way, it will be a lesson to everyone out there so that you know how to avoid yourselves from being punched!! Like, dont go MIA out of the blue and send a smells-like-goodbye SMS to someone who’s expecting something otherwise. In such a critical time. If you know what I mean.

BTW, I’ve closed the fan page of, it’s pointless anyway, I mean.. since when I started collecting fans?? I collect only postcards lah ;P (actually I freaked out after one of my roommates suddenly noticed the link from FB.. and asking, “what’s this ilyani dot net?” and I was like, “eh.. nothing, please dont open it!!” >.< mygosh, the last thing I want to know is my own roommates find out about this blog existence!). Hmmm anyway after realizing that I actually *still* prefer my blog to be discreet the way it used to be all this while, with only few sincere friends who really care to read, and not to pass by for the sake of, well, passing by. I dont even mind the silent readers who read :) I still want this place to be the place I can whine about life and love without fear if my posts will bore people to death, without me being like a stranger in my own home. This is afterall the place I talk to myself (or maybe if I’m lucky, to you too). Let’s just say these couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting the socialized version of blogging, and not that I dont like it, it was hell of fun and I love knowing new people and getting to know them from their blogs, and I was trying to put myself in such group too, until the moment I said to myself, what the hell is it that I’m (and they’re) actually doing? Visiting random blogs without intention to read at all, but only hoping them to visit back? Tsk.. it’s not me.

Well, I’m taking it slow then :) Let’s see how it will go. In the meantime I’ll be busy with exam coming up soon, so YAY, you won’t be flooded with boring posts by me that much anymore :P

And someone who called me sohappilyasifeverythingsfineunlikewhatiwasbloodyworriedof today wants me to put this countdown ticker in my blog to prove me that he will definitely come visit me in Nibong Tebal after the exam on his birthday, so I have to study hard.

Yeah right.

I don’t know if I still have that excitement anymore after what has happened.

Maybe it will come back as soon as my nose stops running. I finally went to the clinic today. *snorts*


I swear I will never play with plugins or update any of it ever again!!!@ >.< Last time I had my layout ruined and had to restore everything all over because of some weird plugins, and just now wp-admin crashed thanks to some silly plugin update D: