Eidul-fitri wishes from ilyani.net :-)

To all my friends, readers, and strangers who like to pass by here :)

Have a wonderful Eid.

Bunny, Camque, Pucca, Garu and Moo-Moo wish you THE MOST WONDERFUL HARI RAYA EVER! :) Do come visit our open house on Hari Raya ke-3 okay!! ^_^

Ellgina isn’t in the picture.. I just realized I had left her in USM!! How horrified! :((.. feel so sorry for her terpaksa beraya sorang2 kat hostel.. *sob*

Az will be celebrating hari raya di perantauan~~.. (sila baca dengan melodi lagu raya yang sedih)

p.s. please kindly ignore my messy bed at the backgroud =.=”

Workstation at library

Now that this semester I no longer go to class (yay!) so I like to waste my time in the library.. before I ever need to go to labs. Since I dont like staying in the boring hostel room anyway. Whether I’m working here or just lazying around, it’s still the best place to be in this sappy campus of USM.

It’s still semester break (undergrad students will come back next week) so the library is almost empty.. so I get this whole area for my own :D HOHOHO and this particular corner as my workstation.. I’m reading journal papers now but well.. actually only browsing around trying hard to digest the articles that I dont seem to understand =.=

Not as interesting, I guess. But I dont like taking carrel room coz it will be even boring. Anyway this area is spacious enough at this particular time when nobody’s around. And I guess only people who like to spend her time alone like me would see this place good to stay for a whole day.

Or actually, I’m not really alone, mind ya.

YEY Bunny rocks! Hehehe. I love taking Bunny to library coz he well behaves and I can play with him whenever I get bored. And he likes it when I ride bicycle around fast ^_^ outside library, I mean.

Come to think about it again, I guess this is the first time I actually uploaded a pic of me camwhoring with Bunny, no? :)

Okay okay,.. now got to continue studying. Bye.