One Drop Perfumes!

Soooooooooooo….. these are the things I’m selling! I know the One Drop Perfumes have been everywhere in Malaysia and I’m the last person to actually realize they are some cool stuff that let you go crazily experimenting many different fragrances in a single box! And right now, I have got products in hands, and I need to sell these out!

ODP Big Boxes

ODP Small Boxes.

ODP Boxes and Bunny.

Please note that Bunny is NOT for sale in ANY circumstances. Anyways. The One Drop Perfumes are formulated alcohol-free pure perfume oil of fragrances inspired by International Designers’ perfume labels (Raplh Lauren, CK, Hugo Boss, Estee Lauder… and the list goes). The idea is to have as many of these famous fragrances without having to spend your hundred ringgits in each. What’s better, ODP is 100% perfume oil with no mixture of alcohol, white oil or water unlike Eau de Parfum, Eau De Toilette and the likes. Therefore as the name goes you need only “One Drop” and the fragrance lasts really long.

Inside the boxes.

ODP Big boxes (got Women or Men sets) go from RM40 per box with 8 miniature roll-on bottles in each (=2.75 ml) and RM45 for Celebrities’ Special Sets (Jennifer Lopez’s Glow, Mariah Carey’s M, David Beckham’s Instinct, and the likes). While ODP Small boxes (Women or Men sets) go from RM25 per box with 4 miniature bottles in each (=2.75 ml) and RM27 for the Celebrities’ Special edition. And recently, ODP has launched Youth Pack sets for younger peeps, pricing RM25 per box. *takes a breath* My dear friends and readers (including you who arrived to this post by Google search), I’m now inviting you to go and see my so-called business blog at :) Okay okay, it’s not completely done yet :( but I can’t wait to let everyone (especially you who visit me here) to take a look first and let me know if it’s okay and if possible, please provide your opinion about it. You know, I really have no sense or knowledge in business and I need your help, as internet users and buyers like how I can make the blog to be able to attract people at least to visit there and probably make a purchase. I know having good designed blog alone doesn’t promise you customer attraction.. but I don’t know how to make such advertising statements without sounding too weird (or desperate?).. you know, like, “You you and you! Come come come buy my products! It’s bloody cheap!” I need to have some approach and strategy…. which I have yet to think about =___= And as you see I’m doing it on free for now, so it’s a simple blog really, with no embedded shopping system like you have with those PHP-based online shops. It’s okay for local market though, as I only need them to do purchase simply by transferring money to my bank account (preferred online banking, ATM etc) and notify me about the products they need. And I’ll simply mail them the goodies. Only if I want to use PayPal for maybe my future international buyers, that’s why I wish I could design a better website with everything in one place, the shopping system included. Hmm but that’s a long way to go, and I need to see if I can get a customer first, and if everything is going fine I’ll consider getting a more sophisticated hosted website. Okay and let me continue studying PayPal now.. see yeh!