I found my long-lost friend!!!

I am so excited! Look who I found today!! :D

“Hi, my name is Bunny” :-)

Inside Bunny is my old Siemens phone.

Look, I had lost Bunny since many many years ago! I got Bunny when I was in Asasi UM (i.e. 2002) and my old fat phone at that time perfectly suits the size in every angle (it even had a hole for the good old antenna), and I loved it when I got to show off Bunny when making calls in public so everyone got to stare at my hand holding Bunny to my ear :)) That was awesome. However, I ditched Bunny as soon as I got a Nokia 3310 a few months later, since it slimmer and shorter size didn’t fit into Bunny :( and it was the last time I had seen Bunny in my life..

And 7 years later, which is today, suddenly I found Bunny again out of the blue, sitting inside a basket full of old stuff and trash, and that was a touching reunion between me and Bunny.. *crying happily* and I instantly ran into my parents room digging out my old phone and for my relief it’s still there, so I got to put it into Bunny again :))

“Moshi-moshi? Az-kun? Are you busy studying or stalking?” :P

Feels good. I’m gonna ditch my 3G camera phone and be back to Bunny again!