Got the first customer for my serviced apartment! :D

YAY. Who could have thought, this new business of mine started way better this time, and I had someone booking for a stay in my apartment even before I finished furnishing ;-) She was searching “hotel chantique” on Google and arrived right into my blog when I was talking about the furnishing the other week. The family came over to Kota Bharu for holiday and attending kenduri, and while initially they wanted to stay for 2 nights, this afternoon when they just arrived here and I brought them inside the apartment, they’ve now decided to extend the stay for another night! So yay, Alhamdulillah :)  Nasib baik sempat kemas & siapkan apartment tuh last minit sebelum diorang datang! ^_^;

For more info, pictures and reservation of C Chantique Villa serviced apartment, please check

Thanks! :D

Studio serviced apartment for rent: C Chantique Villa @ KTC Kota Bharu. Full photos included!

If you come to Kota Bharu, either for leisure or work or kenduri, you may opt to rent a hotel room OR a guest house/homestay. But now you can have BOTH when you come stay in our serviced apartment – a hotel standard with home facilities!

Hotel facilities:

– 24-hr security & Security access card
– Hotel lobby for meet-up
– Wi-fi Internet in lobby area
– Hotel buffet breakfast and meals (by request)
– Car park available in basement and parking lot along the road in front
– Located in the center of the town close to major amenities, shopping malls, food places, tourist spots, stadium, hospitals and such. Walking distance to many food courts and eating places.
– Located at the Kelantan Trade Center – one of the major places for big conventions and events, as well as in front of the main stadium.
– 18 floor building tower which is among the highest buildings in the town. You can see the town aerial view from higher floors – even view inside the stadium!

Our serviced apartment facilities:

– Spacious studio apartment with a bathroom and kitchen area.
– 2 Queen size beds: suitable for a family
– Kitchen area with kitchen equipment: sink, microwave oven, mini fridge, electric kettle, plates and mugs. Rice cooker and other equipment will be available upon request.
– Dining table for 4
– TV, wardrobe, iron.
– Affordable rates from RM170 per night

(click on image to enlarge)

For enquiry and reservation please:

Super busy..

not because of beraya.. but preparing website for my serviced apartment! And hey, we’ve been booked by our first customer already!! XD

Now. Please go and take a look at this (protoype) website and please come back and let me know what you think. And what do I have to add, or change to it so it will look the closest to those professional website of 5 star hotels! Hehe ;-)

Thank you! ^_^

p.s. I want to change the photos, my camera phone is hopeless when it comes to night views :( Found a friend with a DSLR camera who may help me with this ;-)

p.p.s. and the Facebook page too, yay! Please check it and “like” it! :P

My furnishing updates!

Thanks to some technical error, by the time these pictures were taken, we were still waiting for the wardrobe, TV table, kitchen cabinet and dining table to arrive at the apartment =,= Expected by tonight we’ll be having everything at place. Until then, here is a glance of our serviced apartment by this afternoon.

OK, the bed were still not completely unwrapped. Just put the bed sheet quickly for the sake of wanting to take pictures.

Kitchen facilities: Kitchen sink, mini fridge, microwave oven, electric kettle. Plates, mugs and microwave-usage plastic containers are provided. Bathroom with water heater.

Therefore, still not yet in the pictures are:

1- Dining table for 4
2- TV
3- Kitchen cabinet
4- Wardrobe
5- Carpet/Rug

Though I have yet to officially announced the advertisement of the apartment stay, I guess after Hari Raya we’ll be opened for business :) Please contact me at ilyanim at or call/SMS 013-9503593 for enquiry. I’ll come up with a proper way of advertising and the website later ;-)

The Chronicles of Furnishing Serviced Apartment: The Beds

Ta-da! So we’ve got the beds.. when initially we wanted to have 1 queen-sized and 1 single bed, it ended up with two queen size beds to fit in this room! Coz.. I wanted both beds to be matched and identical, hence the difficulty to get a set when they’re different size. Plus these are awesomely discounted so Mama was like, “there are many other units having 1 big bed +1 small bed combo but nobody had TWO big beds yet.. and this idea could well suit a family” so hehehe senang cerita we get two queen sized beds lah. There’s no rule we have to follow in furnishing anyway, so we can do whatever we like ^_^. Okay, maybe the remaining space is no longer that spacious but I guess we’ll manage to fix a sofa and coffee table in it :)

Still wrapped, and they’re the first stuff to arrive in the furnishing process. The electrical stuff have been purchased as well but hadnt been sent yet by Tuesday (my last day at home) so I only sempat to witness the beds.. maybe when I go home again next week for Hari Raya holiday everything will be completed and we can start overnight here :D

So my friends and readers, if you happen to visit Kota Bharu or have any friends and relatives traveling to here and are looking for a neat accommodation in the heart of the town, you’re welcome to stay in my hotel!

Stay tuned for my furnishing updates! ^_^

p.s. I forgot to take pic of the hotel apartment, but here’s one from Google:

Chantique Villa Hotel Apartment, Kelantan Trade Center, Kota Bharu.

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