New place, new energy, new motivation

I was given a neat cubical in one of the Postgraduate rooms at the faculty. They are usually meant for research or PhD students, but perhaps coz I requested nicely and I appear as a good girl and there’s actually a newly renovated room in floor 3 which has yet to be fully occupied, so ta-da, I got my new work place :)

Here’s my little office. Cozy enough, compared to random first-come-first-served places at library. And I can actually keep my books here without needing to bring back every time, the drawers come with lock, and I was even given a spare key of this room. Perfect. And unlike library, nobody stops me from bringing my backpack inside or whatever stuff I want.

Closer look of my table. I havent loaded many things here yet, except books I’m using for project, and I keep some in the drawers.. I dont even know yet if I can bring food stock to here.. but there’s actually a small kitchen cabinet with a sink equipped along in this room, so it’s not too impossible, no?

I’m not updating often from now on.. things have been great lately with so many things so tell people, but I’m just not in the mood of blogging that much.

I’m perfectly in the mood of spending 8 to 6 in my comfy office. In the mood of getting my task done as fast as possible. In the mood of working harder and smarter. In the mood of making the project as excellent as it can be.

Maybe that doesnt sound like me, but that’s what I’ve promised to someone so I should at least be keeping my words :)

Wish me the best.