Dal Lake and houseboats

Houseboats: Can get from cheap to expensive rooms – Rs. 500 to some thousands Rs. Moderate is Rs.1000 with breakfast. The most important thing to check if they provide enough heating (especially if you come in non-summer season). It’s even more crucial than bathroom! A bonus if they have internet.
Shikara ride: There’s a notice board by J&K Tourism giving standard price of Rs.300 per hour for shikara ride. But you can always bargain (possible to get Rs.150)
Boat crossing: Rs.10 to Rs.40

If you havent had enough of Dal Lake views already! Some more photos I had to put here, for them being so beautifully tranquil. A big plus for being in this place in early April when you can hardly see tourist around. Dal Lake to my view should be a typical plain lake if it’s not because of the existence of classy houseboats sitting side-by-side, along with mountains at the back, making this place truly a Heaven on Earth, as it’s claimed to be.

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Ambassador Houseboat

Double room with breakfast: Rs.1000 

When our bus arrived at the Tourist Information Center station, there came a number of men asking where we’re heading, if we need a hotel or houseboat or rickshaw etc. Some even offered houseboat at Rs. 500, which is very cheap compared to what I’ve agreed with Ambassador Houseboat via email. I told them we already booked our houseboat, and mentioning Mr Husam of Ambassador, suddenly a guy gave a signal that Mr Husam is around here.

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