Shopping at Karol Bagh

How to get there: Take Metro to Karol Bagh station. Walk along the road next to the station it will lead you to Karol Bagh shopping area.

Ok, this photo is NOT in Karol Bagh – it’s at the airport. We were running in Karol Bagh we didnt have time for photos! But I put this photo coz Az is wearing a Kurta bought in Karol Bagh, so there’s a connection at least.

When we arrived in Karol Bagh, we immediately asked ourselves, how on earth we didnt know about this place earlier? This is THE right place for shopping if you’re in New Delhi. Not in the Connaught Place – there are only modern, western-label shops there. And not also in South Extension II area – only sarees priced from Rs.4000 and above are sold there. Thanks to Sudhir for telling us about Karol Bagh.

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Delhi: Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar

How to get there: Take Metro to Qutub Minar station (from AIIMS station it’s Rs 15)
Entrance: Rs 250, Camera Rs 20

After breakfast with Mr Bashir’s family, we took Metro to visit Qutub Minar. The station to stop is Qutub Minar station – which is very straightforward. Or so we thought. But it didnt turn up to be straightforward as we expected. We got cheated at the very station thus walking for 2 km to the opposite direction. Duh =,= Why people need to be so mean?? First we approached some teenagers hanging out at the station, asking which way we should walk to reach Qutub Minar. They said left way. Okay, we dont want to be fooled that easy so we asked a rickshaw driver (we believed he meant to ask us to ride his rickshaw but we said we’d just walk) and he said we need to walk  to the right way. Great.

By now we are convinced that one of the direction-givers were trying to fool us. To take extra precaution, we asked another group of middle-aged people, hoping that mature people wont try to fool us unlike a rickshaw driver or teenager would. They didnt sound very sure, but one of them pointing to left side. So we started walking towards left of the road in front of the station.

It was not fun when you have walked like 1km and still not seeing any signboard of the destination you want to go. I started feeling uneasy and seeing bus passing by, I was so hoping to ride them but unsure which would go to Qutub Minar. We keep on walking, and instead of seeing a sight of Qutub Minar signboard, we saw a sight of the next Metro station. Grr.. If we really need to walk all the way to the next Metro station to visit Qutub Minar, we the previous station was named Qutub Minar and not this one we’re just seeing? We  therefore concluded that we took the totally wrong way T_T and turned back to walk another 1.5km to Qutub Minar Metro station.

I didnt stop cursing those people, the teenagers at the station, the mature people on the street (how could we assume that mature people could give the best direction??Ugh) until we passed the station again from another direction. I felt the urge to find the bunch of teenagers and old people again and scold them at their face, but decided to focus back to our destination, Qutub Minar. In fact, Qutub Minar is located only half the distance we had walked the opposite direction earlier.

On our way, we got to see a significant looking monument in the other side of the road (click on the first thumbnail pic), but was not in the mood for diverting our path again, so we headed straight to Qutub Minar. After we paid the ticket, and went to the entrance, I heard someone shouted “Abang, Abang!” (translate: Brother! Brother!) and I paused, wondering if I have mistakenly  heard people speaking Malay in this center of India. When I turned back, a happily smiling boy waving at us from a van, and the whole van filled with people also looking at us and smiling. From the first impression we couldnt register fast in my mind that they’re Malaysian. I mean, they’re Punjabi by race and by default when you’re in India you would think they’re Indian Punjabi first before you can guess they’re Malaysian Punjabi. “Dari mana?” the boy asked, and we happily replied “KL”. It felt so good to meet another Malaysian in a stranger land :) And it felt better that they could recognize us as Malaysian from afar despite that we mistook them as Indians (sorry!). They waved a goodbye-and-see-you-again and the van left. So we proceed our way to Qutub Minar.

So to speak, we havent yet met any other Malaysians since we arrived in India 2 days ago, so the Punjabi family was the first. Even in Red Fort which was full of tourist, we couldnt remember encountering any Malaysian. Here in Qutub Minar, there are tourists but not many at this hour, so we could spend time walking slowly in the archaeological complex.

The Qutub Minar minaret was indeed very tall and standing strong. I mean, it was hardly ruined despite of hundred years of age. There’s another structure which is a metal pillar, I cant remember what its significance. Capturing the details of Qutub Minar where you can see Arabic script carved from the very stone making up the minaret.

Apart from the minaret, there are some other structure remain in the area. Yup, the whole area was quite big, and there’s another section having some ruins with many pillars  which look like they were built in different era than the Qutub Minar and its similar red-stone builts.

If you have seen this Hindi film Fannaa (starring Aamir Khan & Kajol) which is one of my favorite Hindi films, watch the video clip below and you get to see it was filmed right here in Qutub Minar. And we were here! ^_^