Last day in Delhi

Finally, after 2 weeks being in India, we have to realize that this wonderful journey has come to its end *sad*. Mr Bashir invited us to join him at his house for breakfast, and his resident apartment is located only a few blocks away from the shop office apartment (where we always had breakfast and dinner with the rest of the family, and other guests). And for the first time we personally met Mr Bashir’s wife, she’s a great lady and we both talked about many things, Mr Bashir gladly shared of how they both met (and later Az, delightedly wanted to share our stories as well =,=) and some valuable advice they gave us as newlyweds.

After saying (final) goodbye, we took auto-rickshaw to Metro station, and quickly went to Karol Bagh again to do a few last shopping! :P (Metro AIIMS change at Rajiv Chowk, then to Karol Bagh). On way back, we directly took auto-rickshaw for New Delhi Metro and from there you can get  Metro directly to the airport.

Here we are, fully dressed in Indian Kurta (bought at Karol Bagh!) and in fact, they were much cheaper than what I shopped earlier in Kashmir.


While waiting for our flight, we had to finish all rupees left by ordering this Domino’s Vegetarian pizza (tasteless in my opinion) .


Arrived in KL around 6am local time.

Shopping at Karol Bagh

How to get there: Take Metro to Karol Bagh station. Walk along the road next to the station it will lead you to Karol Bagh shopping area.

Ok, this photo is NOT in Karol Bagh – it’s at the airport. We were running in Karol Bagh we didnt have time for photos! But I put this photo coz Az is wearing a Kurta bought in Karol Bagh, so there’s a connection at least.

When we arrived in Karol Bagh, we immediately asked ourselves, how on earth we didnt know about this place earlier? This is THE right place for shopping if you’re in New Delhi. Not in the Connaught Place – there are only modern, western-label shops there. And not also in South Extension II area – only sarees priced from Rs.4000 and above are sold there. Thanks to Sudhir for telling us about Karol Bagh.

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Uneventful train ride back to Delhi

Train Agra to New Delhi
Mahakaushal Exp Train# 12189
Depart AGC 08:23 Agra Cantt
Arrive 11:35 NZM H Nizamuddin
Duration: 3h 12m
Class: AC 3 Tier
Cost: Rs. 706 (2 pax)

This is our last train in India, and apparently the first (and only) train that was NOT on time. It was delayed and arrived around 11am, almost 2 hours than expected. But we were not mad about it as we were mad about missing train because of being cheated by tout!

We stayed at the train patiently while watching people around. This time we were more brave to take photo (but trying not to look obvious) so Az could snap some faces from our zoomed lens. We felt great when we could silently take a closeup photo of some random  people without them realizing, and our super zoom camera is quite helping in this ;) So it was our mode of entertainment while waiting the train… *bored* =.=  We noticed a Caucasian couple waiting train for Delhi as well, and since they’re waiting for long as we do, we guess that they’re the same train as us. Which turns out to be correct.

There was this designated stall selling drinks and snacks at the platform, and when Az wanted to buy a snack, the seller apparently give a price higher than what was printed on the label! Being surprised, Az asked him why but instead of explaining, he took back the snack rudely with a look of “take it or leave it”. What a jerk!

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Unfortunate event of Jammu – Delhi – Agra route

Train Jammu – Delhi: Jhelum Express Train# 11078, Depart Jammu Tawi 21:45, Arrive New Delhi 10:05, Duration 12h 20m, Class: AC 2 Tier Cost: Rs. 1,855/2pax
Breakfast in train: Omlette Rs.21, Potato Rs.13, Toblerone chocolate Rs.60, Lays Rs.30, Nescafe and tea Rs.20

Hate to write about this and looooong story which I dont feel like recalling.

But short story is, when arriving New Delhi from Jammu, we helplessly got cheated by a tout so convincing enough that we believed that our next train to Agra was delayed (and canceled). Had to go to travel agents to book some bus and (foolishly, plane?? We thought Agra was so close to Delhi that it doesn even have airport! But the guys were talking about getting plane and we almost believed it? Did we get hypnotized?) only to realize later when we went to Mr.Bashir’s place to ask help, and the guys at Mr Bashirs clearly told us that we got cheated. T_T

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Train to Amritsar

 Rickshaw from South Extension 2 to New Delhi train station: Rs 90

Train Delhi – Amritsar:
Swarna Shtbdi # 12029
Class: AC Chair Car (CC) 
Fares/pax: Rs 631 (with meal :D)
Depart 07:20  New Delhi (NDLS)
Arrive 13:25  Amritsar Jn (ASR)
Distance: 448 km Duration: 6h, 5min

Our very first Indian train. We chose seat because it’s a fast morning train recommended by Manu if we want to stop in Amritsar for a quick half day visit before continuing our way to Jammu. I didnt know much about Amritsar apart from Golden Temple whose postcard I used to receive from Manu back then (long story about Manu, I’ll talk about him in separate post later :P) Apparently Amritsar is conveniently located on the same route heading North to Kashmir, so right when I knew it is near to Manu’s hometown, I just thought I had to meet him! Although there was a contemplation at first, as when had I checked earlier, return direct flight Delhi – Srinagar was somewhat cheaper than combined train Delhi – Amritsar, Amritsar + Jammu and flight Jammu – Srinagar and way back (even if we take direct flight Srinagar – Delhi on way back, it was NOT cheap for one way fare).  And return flight can save alot of time!

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