Dell XPS 15

I got a new laptop.. it’s Dell XPS 15. A good excuse to make new updates here. It’s been pity that has missed alot of things happening in past few months (or can I say, year?). The anniversary to begin with. I mean THE anniversary. Yes, last 5th February remarked one year of my marriage :-) (I mean, time’s flying so freaking fast!), and since last month, suddenly Az has got a better living with *my* parents in KB with job and business to take care. So I am living independently in KL with my job, and we get to see each other on weekend (me going back to KB or him coming to KL). Details later. I mean the anniversary ;D Oh well. Next is China trip, only one month to go! Or actually, Xinjiang to be precise. Or the historic Silk Road in China. Yeah we’ll be there pretty soon. Again details later.