Taman Tamadun Islam Monument Park

Huhuhu.. thanks to digging out my long-abandoned Flickr album yesterday, I found these bunch of photos from last year during my visit to Tamadun Islam Monument Park in Terengganu, which gave me realization that 1) I was meaning to blog about this monument park since long.. 2) I have been such a big procrastinator for having forgotten it altogether! T_T Yes it was since ilyani.wordpress.com era actually, so you know how bad I can be at remembering things.

So! I went there with family & Iago during Hari Raya vacation coz my parents wanted to visit here so much given that  my sisters & grandma had been here the year earlier right after sending us to Kuala Terengganu airport to depart for Hajj. And for my own, I was hosting Iago the ToyVoyager from Brazil at that time so I thought it could be cool to take some pics there. Well, actually I *did* upload the same pics (the only different is Iago was on every pic) on Iago’s travelog before so no wonder I had forgotten to do it on my own blog >.<

” Hi, I am Iago and I was excited to visit here with ilyani :)”

Oh oh, since ilyani.net is not actually a traveling toys blog, here I’m uploading Iago-less photos only okay.

Taman Tamadun Islam (translates to Islamic Civilazation Park) is located in Wan Man Island in Kuala Terengganu, and is the most significant monument park ever built in this region, housing 21 replicas of historical monuments and mosques from all over the world. I couldnt help but gasped when I saw the sacred Dome of the Rock right before my eyes! I mean, I wasn’t even in Jerusalem! O_O

Yup, the monuments here were built so detailed that they resemble almost exactly the original buildings from the original place, only the size is smaller. I was told that most (if not all) replicas here are made to scale 1:8 compared to original building. Yet, the beauty of these historical monuments of centuries of age is enough to make you amazed of realization how people manage to build such architecture during their era.

I dont know if I can ever visit the real shrine in Jerusalem, so getting brief ideas of how it looks like here seems to be great already! The interior views of the “Dome of the Rock” replica was also made to look as its original.. and I cant help but stunned, even they built the Foundation Stone at the center of which in the Muslim belief, Prophet Muhammad used to step on  during the Isra’ & Mikraj event. It also has significant value to the Jews as they pray facing the very stone. BTW, the Dome of the Rock replica is the only monument replica here built big enough for people to enter inside it.

Now from Jerusalem we went ahead to Andalusia in Spain :) where this Alhambra palace & fortress was built in the 14th century by the Moorish rulers at that time. I guess Az should have probably been to the original Alhambra since I understood he went backpacking to Andalusia before.. and hm, for me I would just be happy visiting Alhambra replica here  ^_^

A few more monuments of very ancient century, I can guess: Top: Aleppo Citadel of Syria (dates 3000 BC!!!) Bottom left: Agadez Grand Mosque of Niger – a weird looking structure which was made of clay (!) built in 1515. Bottom right: Great Mosque of Samarra of Iraq, built in the 9th century. Okay I’ve linked the names to its Wikipedia page since I’m lazy to story more, so go read there if you’re curious about the (original) buildings.

Whoooo! Taj Mahal! :P Who would have thought, I already visited this gorgeous building here! :P I know this is irrelevant to this post, but kindly go see my Taj Mahal postcards I received here. :P Which doesnt make me enough to visit only the replica, I hope I’ll be seeing the real Taj Mahal soon! :) I guess this doesnt need introductory anymore, since everyone knows the Taj Mahal was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in loving memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, back in the 17th century.

Yeah now I realized when I’m writing this post, I have the same curiosity and feeling as when I used to blog about my postcards long ago, coz it was the only time I managed to go research on Wikipedia of every particular historic place and buildings or people on the postcards I was writing about. LOL. Hard work, right? :) Okay, Clockwise from Top Left: 1) Badshahi Mosque of Pakistan (built in the 17th century) 2) Qolsharif Mosque of Russia (16th century, rebuilt 1996) 3) Lutfallah Mosque*** of Iran (17th century) 4) Mausoleum of Abu Nasr Parsa of Afganistan (17th century).

Now you must be wondering how huge this monument park is? Yep, it’s so huge! They provide buggy service which stops in a few places for a while so you can get down and go around the replicas to take pics and stuff! Now, the very tall minaret here is the Kalyan minaret of Uzbekistan – it’s original building measures 48 meters tall and built in 1127AD. Amazing, right?

And two huge mosques here are: Top: Mohammad Ali Pasha Mosque of Egypt (built in 19th century) and below is pic of Süleymaniye Mosque of Turkey, second largest mosque in Turkey built in the 16th century (and I have a postcard from here too!). I wonder if Az has been here as well.

The most familiar among all should be the Holy Masjidil-Haram*** of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Coz the original mosque is too huge, the replica seems too small :D Seriously, I was amazed with the similar-pattern of marble they used to build this mosque replica!

The Prophet Mosque*** of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Same case with Masjidil Haram, the replica now looks too small. Yet, being here rather brings you sentimental value pondering these great Islamic architecture from all around the world.

Now, you’ve been to many countries seeing their most historical monument, just in a few hours! :D And I didnt even cover ALL monuments yet! (sigh, I missed taking some pics thanks to the buggy ride speeding too fast =.=). Other monuments can be found in this park are:

  • The Great Mosque of Qairawan, Tunisia
  • Minaret of Xian, China
  • Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Brunei
  • Kudus Al-Minar Mosque, Indonesia
  • Pattani Mosque, Thailand
  • National Mosque, Malaysia (eh, the National Mosque also historical monument ke? *doubts*)

Therefore, if you’re going to Terengganu next time, and you havent been to this monument park, then you definitely should! Think about traveling to these 21 different places around the world, it only can happen in this park! :) Amazing, right? I know I wont afford traveling literally to every of those places to see the original buildings (the only ones I have been to their real buildings are ones I marked ***) not sure about the rest, hopefully ada rezeki, I’ll be seeing a few more in future ^_^

For more info about Taman Tamadun Islam, please visit tti.com.my.