UKM vs. USM: Part 1

Maybe it’s too early for me to decide, as I haven’t even got answer from those places :P anyways.

[ UKM – pros ]

– The course is what I am already familiar with.

– Has Lenya! So I won’t be a lost stranger.

– It’s THE National university – well, there must be something bonus afterall.

– Huge old skool campus, Engineering faculty is also in there. More people.

– They say they have the best lab facilities. At least better than UIA.

[ USM – pros ]

– Penang! New place, new air, nice island, good food.

– UNESCO site! Postcards from there must be on high demand :P

– I can buy Reggie Lee postcards (tracklesspanic says this).

– Maybe.. they will let me use the car. Somehow.

– I’ll be a total stranger.. which can be good in a way or another.

– Better hostel room, since the faculty building is new itself.

[ UKM – conts ]

– 35km from KL. Which can be good or bad, depending on my discipline.

– Boring town. I think. KL is way more boring. I may end up staying in the room only studying. Haha. Could be good also what.

– Old hostel, probably a shared room!

– They’re unlikely to let me use the car.

[ USM – conts ]

– Engineering faculty is deserted from others. It’s not in the island!

– I’ll be studying Electronics. Is it less or more headache?