First Anniversary

When I was walking after office today while talking to Az on the phone, he suddenly wished ‘Happy Anniversary’, not once, but I guess 3 times repeatedly, leaving me in a confusion (but didnt bother to quickly think what that’s supposed to mean coz I was damn tired after 7pm). Then he knew that I was blank, and mentioned yesterday, 29 May was the date of our wedding we had in Melaka (Az’s house) last year. Ahh, that one counts as anniversary also ka? Okay lah..

Although during the actual anniversary 5 February this year I was far from having 5 minutes to blog about it in, now I’ll do it for the Melaka anniversary.

29 May 2011, Melaka. Last minute renting this songket costume (all the way from KB!) because Az’s mom suddenly wanted us to wear songket too in Melaka after seeing us in songket during wedding at my home earlier (5 February). And we had to wear songket during reception in KB thanks to my grandma’s wish to see us in songket. In the end, my Dubai lace modern kurung (which I had put all my creativity to design it) and dress end up being secondary dress for the wedding =.= *sigh*

Note to my foreign friends: Malay weddings traditionally come twice if you get married: first where the solemnization happens (which is, the actual marriage day) usually at the bride’s house, inviting family and friends of the bride’s family. Another will be at the groom’s house, which is the reception for their family and friends, and it usually comes one to few weeks after the bride’s reception, although can be months. In our case, we had like 3 months gap. And oh, should I point that our wedding in Melaka actually happened after our honeymoon trip? :D

Happy (Melaka) Anniversary, Az! Luv ya!

Hi. I’m still here.

In case you’ve been thinking that I have officially closed once I got married.

It’s been more than a month seeing myself as a wife to Az, I am surprised with myself that I managed to abandon my blog for this long. I wanted to give an update from the very wedding day, but kept forgetting (read: procrastinating) and weeks passed by with so many events happening I could no longer catch them in track and it now seems almost impossible to write every single thing from the beginning.

Among the reasons, well, was the final departure of our beloved grandmother (whom we fondly called Cik), exactly 2 weeks after seeing her all healthy, smiling ear-to-ear during my wedding meeting relatives and guests.  And imagine one day Az and I were having a day out with her, eating pizza and such, and week later seeing her warded in ICU, unconscious, and simply a few days later, a news that this only grandma I’ve ever got, has eventually passed away. It happened so fast, unexpected and drastic. Needless to say within a few weeks with my wedding. The twist of life has put me into a deep confusion I no longer had any idea how I could write happy stuff and put all smiling wedding pics in this blog in those days, however much I had planned to do so even before the wedding.

Anyways. Sad story aside, I have been living in KL for a couple of weeks now, attending some interviews. I only managed to start applying job once the wedding thingy was over. Believe me, it’s tiring. Thanks goodness that the reception at Az’s house will only be in May (note: in Malay culture there usually will be two wedding receptions, one is bride’s – this is also when the marriage solemnization takes place; and another at the groom’s, usually held a few days to a few weeks after the bride’s reception) otherwise it’d be too hectic for another immediate event. In between me seeking a job, adjusting in being a housewife,  we’re now finalizing our India trip plan. So many things, so little time.. *happy sigh*

Right now we’re in PJ Community Library, me studying some thick computer books for tomorrow’s interview, and Az with his work (at this point of time I love the fact that my husband is a freelancer as he can follow me like everywhere :P).

No wedding picture in this post yet. Maybe next post. Heck, I havent even got time to sort the album as yet. Only one pic in my Facebook if you like. Only one, yep.


Right now my family – mama, abah and my sisters – are in Beijing, China spending holiday there, playing snow and shopping like mad.

Everyone but me.

I’m still here, stuck in this deserted boring campus struggling for my viva preparation.

Is that even fair? T_T

Malay Engagement

I’m making this post for my friends outside Malaysia who might be clueless of the photos I put in last post regarding our engagement ceremony.

First off, the Malay engagement is more a family event than just a marriage proposal. Az’s family came all the way from their hometown for this purpose, bringing a number of gifts called hantaran. They are usually sweets like chocolate and cakes, fruits, clothings, accessories, as well as the engagement rings, all decorated prettily in a container. I dont know why this custom exists but it’s been around as long as I can remember. I’m personally thinking those are unnecessary, but since the family seem to ‘take over’ our engagement, therefore we just have to follow what they prepare for us =_=

And the ceremony usually begins with discussion among the parents or family representative, regarding the fact that their son & daughter are now engaged, followed by discussion of when and how the marriage (wedding!) will be held. So theoretically, they have come up with a date (or at least, month) but in between workloads of my master’s project right now I’m still in denial about it =.=; fearing that the expectations will turn from happy to nightmare, if I cant seem to get my Master’s done on time. Yep, we do agree that this came in a very wrong time. But as how I met Az, everything has always been unexpected, surprising, totally out of the blue! I really dont know, whether I’m so much ready for all these, then again I realized that it’s not important to think about that anymore as long as I’m happy.

After the discussion, there comes the time I received the engagement ring from Az’s mother.

Yes, it’s the mother who gives me the ring. Not him.

And same goes to Az, he received the engagement ring from my father.

And after that, the photography sessions, though mostly among the bunch of the family members. And then comes the food :)

Now you might be wondering, where’s the time of him proposing to me? Isn’t engagement is when a guy proposes to his girl? Yup, it’s practiced, but I guess it’s optional here since the family may be the first to suggest that their kids should be engaged. And even if a guy proposes to a girl beforehand, this kind of famiy-ish engagement ceremony will instantly come later.

So by the time this event ended, he still owed me the “typical” proposal. Of course, there have been talks regarding marriage plan and he wants to marry me and blablabla but I was expecting a proper romantic proposal like you see in movies!!!!!! ^_^

And during our quick escape to town after the family event ended, before I dropped him to car, and even though it was (again) unexpected, he did it. Proposed to me :)