Mission: to furnish a service apartment

One of the reasons I’m at home right now. We’ve got the key for a studio-sized service apartment in Kelantan Trade Center (KTC) tower, here in Kota Bharu, to get excited with furnishing plan. You can call it a private hotel room, so now that Mama bought a unit, and she wants me to manage it.. hmm, starting from furnishing maybe, and later promote it and get people stay in it. I’m even planning to make a website for it. Oh well.

The unit we bought looks almost untouched, regardless the hotel apartment has been running for about a year, and we’ve seen some other units that are already in business, beautifully furnished and going, rates are from RM130 to RM250 per night, according to room type (studio, 1-room, 2-rooms), size and beds. They all come with custom screens and security products, like the fire, gas and intrusion alarms. Along with child safe corners and blinds. Some are available for weekly and monthly rent. Ours is spacious enough to fit 1 queen-sized bed and a large single bed and a sofa, and still there’ll be space left for prayer area and TV cabinet. And perhaps a small dining table for two. Views over the balcony isn’t too amusing at the moment, with the next door Perdana Hotel having renovation which I dont know when it will be over. By the way, we’re in floor 3.

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All service apartments here are equipped with a small kitchen. We’re thinking if it’s too necessary to fix a kitchen cabinet there, which costs alot more than if you buy a readymade kitchen cabinet. Same goes for this space next to the main door, which looks perfect for a built-in wardrobe, yet we can reduce costs by only getting a neat readymade from Courts Mammoth. The bathroom doesnt need much extra furnishing, I guess. And we still need to look for lamps, fans, aircond, water heater and some electrical stuff for the kitchen. Each of other units that we had a look typically has a fridge, microwave, kettle and rice cooker. And one even had an induction stove in the kitchen!

Okay, I’ll update later how my furnishing go :)


First off, Happy Ramadan. For some reason, this Ramadan seems to be joyful to me this year than the previous year. Improving, I can say. Lately I feel closer to God, the more I need to be thankful, and the more I need His help in order to live life accordingly and happy. Things are almost perfect to me at this moment I dont even have much left to wish for (except to finish my annoying project maybe). I know this might not happen to normal practicing Muslims I know, but to me at least, I’ve been in those times that I used to have a love-hate relationship with my own Creator. It wasnt funny. It was sinful. True, I wasn’t as close to Him last year as much I am now. I didnt bother to pray Tarawih and read Quran during Ramadan then as much as I do now. I didnt bother to do anything good at all. I didnt even bother celebrating the Eid. I didnt bother to be happy. I was life-less. Period.

Oh yes, now I sigh and smile, thinking how much things have changed in a year. How much I’ve changed in a year.


I’m back home (yep, again) since Mama happens to have many projects right now and I happen to be involved in a few things. There are heaps to catch up and plan I’m almost sure that I’ll be having loads more to do right after I finish USM >.< Suddenly there are countless dreams and wishes for future, which somehow quickly transformed as plans, regarding my career, my family, family business, website business, and.. Az. Though there’s no certain decision of when regarding marriage yet, but we’ve been so excited discussing the honeymoon trip already :P And house. And car. And babies!!!! lol. Can you believe that? Az has been talking about babies??! (v_v;) *God, save my soul..~* Anyways.

I’ve been busy I’m even too tired to talk about what I’ve been doing.


I’m now home for 1 week and I’ll be back to USM to continue my project for 1 week and will be coming back home for 2 weeks of Hari Raya holiday :)) that’s actually the BESTEST thing about doing project this semester, since I have no class and I manage my own time so I can simply come home whenever I want and however long holiday I want LALALALA :D


OK, last thing to rant.. since many months Az has been calling me on the phone everyday and it almost seems like I’m always having him around even though we’re actually far. (He got me a number from his Digi family so we call for free 24/7!). And, this evening he made his last call before flying to Sydney with the family – to attend sister’s graduation and celebrate the Eid there – altogether spanning 3 weeks of absence, meaning 3 weeks of no phone calls. Can I survive that? Hmm.. unless I’ll make him Skype (though I never really use it myself..) but perhaps I shouldnt disturb his holiday with family anyway. But he promises he’ll email and blog the photos.

Sigh, I still cant be happy.

Still here..

I’m back to USM the other day after spending 1 week at home. I had to take care of the house while my parents were on holiday to Sarawak visiting sis – which I was meaning to work on my project proposal in the meantime – but ended up getting my ass busier on something totally irrelevant to my master’s project. In fact, it’s been obvious that I’m studying something I dont actually fancy.. yuck! If USM had a course called WordPess Web Design & Development, I’m sure I’ll be getting an excellent grade :P

Yes yes I’m having yet another project with Az with our small freelance website business, after a couple of small company websites done and we’re glad that we actually made money from it and now I’m making a new community site for the apartment area where Az owns a house there. I am so excited about that coz the place  has been so significant to us and perhaps could be THE reason why we met in this web space (yup, a long story, unless you’ve been following this blog since end last year perhaps you might have some idea what I’m talking about), and plus, my parents are in process of buying a house there too, so it’s somehow already been in my mind, the pictures of me & Az living there.. (isnt that too fast-forwarded plan?? :P)

And another significant event is…….. THE PARENTS HAVE MET!!!! O_O Yup, my parents, and his parents. Right during the time we were in KL seeing the house. It was such an unplanned meeting, or you can say, plan was made within less than 24 hours, and before I knew it, I saw 6 of us: me, Az and both of our parents, having a nice morning tea in some gerai in the apartment area. It was such a comfortable moment I can say, even though they were meeting each other for the first time. And for me, meeting Az for the 5th time. (What?? Fifth only so far?? =.=)

And and and… after sending my parents getting ERL at KL Sentral, we had of course, a few private, parents-free hours to spend together, eating, talking, walking around, having silent moments. Before he sent me to train going back to Penang.

So yeah, now I’m back in USM, right at my cubicle, bored and busy with my project proposal again – deadline is 16th.. how annoying is that???