Makan2 Party for MSc ESDE Class of 09/10 @ Seoul Garden, Autocity

Yippie! The plan was from last semester actually, we were supposed to have a bye-bye-see-you-again-next-sem kind of gathering after the final exam, but it turned out that everyone was either too excited to go home right after the exam or… well, everyone was too excited to go home, period. Therefore the postponed lunch finally happened the other week recently :) And it was my first time eating Korean barbecue and steamboat buffet at Seoul Garden.

And it was my first time being in Autocity too, in fact.. (oh yeah, now you must be thinking I have really been living in a jungle for one whole semester and never went out to see civilization.. hm, maybe it’s half true). It’s about 20 minutes away from our campus via PLUS highway. And you can say, for someone who has left KL for a year and never been any near to big city ever since, and has almost turned into a cave-man inside her deserted campus in the middle of palm estate.. Autocity is like wonderland! Many decent restaurants (and fast-foodies) are sitting side by side, well perhaps I’ll make a separate post about Autocity for future Penang Spotlight entry :) Coz now I’m saving space to tell you about my class party only.

Here’s the Korean style hot plate, or whatever you call it, where you use to cook steamboat nuggets and grill meats of many choices of spices and kinds. And soup choices too. So convenient really, since everything is in bite-size so the food can easily go from the plate right to your mouth. Well, in case you need a plate, they do serve plates, don’t worry, and many of them actually, and the service people do their good job really, to keep changing your plates :) and even change the hot plate too, soon it gains stains of burnt meats (because of too busy eating…).

Choices of meats (constantly restocked). And plates, too. Besides the barbecue and steamboat, there are variety of salads and fruits, desserts, ice-cream, and soft drink. Yeah, I think that’s all. The buffet lunch time is from 12pm to 4pm (plus minus, I am not that sure either, coz we left by 3pm and we were too full already). Bring your student card so you can get a discounted price of RM25.10.

Class photo after lunch. Hmm.. a few people missing though. More photos of happy people eating and camwhoring can be seen in my Facebook album, and Fauzi’s.

Ok thanks bye.


It sounds weird to admit this, but this is actually the first time in my life attending a friend’s wedding. At the age of 26. While my younger sister Ismah has been attending thousands of her friends’ weddings all these years already.

ilyani and lenya.

lenya and ilyani.

I know I sound as if I am a friendless freak whose social life is revolving around only virtually with foreign buddies far far away, or/and used to be revolving around with an equally friendless boy. Okay, I do have a few friends, in fact, whom I was invited to their wedding and I could possibly attend, Akmal and Fizah for example.. only I was out of the country end of last year when those events happened. I know there have been some weddings happening since then among ex-UIA buddies, but most of them are too ‘foreign’ to me to attend the weddings, even if I was invited. Let’s just say, I would only attend weddings of my really close friends (still the ‘close’ term is rather subjective and I don’t actually specifically register who’s close and who’s not, neither define how close is ‘close’), otherwise I don’t actually fancy weddings, if you must know. Probably not until I have my own ;-D (okay, that’s lousy, I am sorry. But honestly, would you ever attend a wedding to witness all the happiness of the bride & groom, just right after the plan of your own marriage ridiculously failed?? And honestly again, I was actually secretly *glad* that I was out of the country end of last year so I didn’t have to attend them weddings :P)

Anyways. Congratulations to Lenya & Ceno. :))

The Chronicles of Cleaning Room: Here I am again

Hiya. Happy Eid, the second day. I am not in a smart mood to blog something educational today. Most of you who have been following me ever since must already be aware that one of my biggest weakness is, sadly to say, to clean my own room :( I have been back home since almost a week but only managed to start decluttering the room a couple of days ago, and by last night, I have successfully been at 90% of completion, and I’m working hard to finish it in a few hours today. Wish me luck!

Hmm, and I know I have to make use of my excuse.. it’s because they re-arranged some furniture and stuff in my room while I was away, and to my┬áinconvenience, I didn’t like it. Hence the re-re-arranging.. and I had to lift a book rack by my own T____T and it’s heavy. And they wanted to get rid of my old teen magazines & comics? I had to save them quick!

Oh btw.. I found again a box of photos that I have been meaning to put them into an album. Since YEARS. Only I haven’t got time to get an album yet. Photos that I took during my young-and-free college life at UIA Matriculation, somewhere in 2002-2003. Look, these are perhaps the final batch of photos before the existence of digital cameras, so I have been neglecting the fact that paper photos need an album to store them, and not a computer. And it’s been like, 6 years? Duh..

Pics @ UIA PJ (circa 2002-2003)

How I missed the time in there! In fact, it was much better than the sappy 4 years in the main campus. I mean, the friends, the fun, the party, the energy. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. And another interesting old photo, my tiny space of study table in the dorm (I lived there with 5 roommates!).

Notice the magazine pics of Blur :-) Alex James during his hottest look :-)

Ah, memory…