CouchSurf with Sudhir in Jammu

We arrived in Jammu airport in the afternoon and received call from Sudhir that his representative will fetch us at the airport. We had to walk outside the airport gate as people who didnt have traveling document i.e. not using the flight are not allowed to enter even the airport area. We felt bad because our flight was delayed and we could not inform earlier, but the guy who came to fetch us was a kind man wearing turban. We got into his van and he brought to us to a sweet house with large garden which we guess belongs to Sudhir.

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Srinagar: Tulip Garden

How to get there: Auto-rickshaw from Nishat Bagh, Rs.50. It would be nearer if you’re from Dal Gate.
Entrance: Rs.50 (10 times more expensive than Mughal garden!)
Toilet: Rs.5 (foreigners)

From Nishat Bagh we took another auto-rickshaw to Tulip Garden. This time it’s not one of the Mughal Gardens, but simply new place where they plant alot of tulips and they are expected to bloom pretty during Spring. As of today, 9 April, it still seems early as the tulips are not yet fully bloomed.

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