The beginning of many things

First off. I have drastically deleted the Travelogue. And Postcrossing blog. Entirely. I’ve been working on our Daiesu project website and only realized lately the hosting virtual memory is hitting the limit constantly, and I wonder if this so-called unlimited package we’re subscribing is still not capable of keeping 6 websites/blogs that aren’t really getting too many visitors that I should worry on memory consumption. But then again, that’s taken care by bandwidth, no? I am an ignorant geek, but it turned out that so many (travel) blogs I have had mutual links before ridiculously eating my virtual memory usage. Not that I am still active updating there anymore (what, last update was perhaps more than a year ago lol). I am so tired to know what and why, but I have imported all the Travelogue posts to here. Thanks so WordPress import tool again. Easy, one place for all. Will work later on re-categorizing and housekeeping. Not caring much about visitors anymore. All I want is my stuff is here I can probably read again when I’m retired and old :p And Daie can read too on how quirky his mommy has been, and he will be asking us to bring him to those strange places we had been before him. Yeah.

Time flies in a blink

I might as well moved back to instead of paying annually for designated domain which blog I only manage to update once a year.

Daie is almost 1 year. Sigh. Alot, alot of things you have missed again, blog. Nevermind. If he ever reads this again in future he would know that his mommy has been too occupied with him that she cannot have time for her blog anymore.

Since last update.. hmm.. let me check.. we went to Istanbul. First trip as three, and yeah, it was challenging! Haha. But we survived. If I rajin, I will make separate post for that trip. And if I even more rajin, I’ll continue to write travelogue again after long hiatus.


Two botaks in this picture. Daie at err.. 6 months kut. Now already will full grown hair at 11 months! OMG, another month and he’ll be one T___T I’m gonna miss him as baby. He has been slow at some developments, like crawling.  He managed to sit first though. Now he could stand up by himself, clap his hands proudly, and stay still around 1 minutes before falling.. haha. And he’s so determined to practice standing until late night.. which also the reason we always wake up late lately >.<

And also, I have been obsessed with babywearing. Or precisely, woven wraps. You may think I am crazy for spending RM6k on 15 wraps collection within 4 months, but that was what I had thought also before I’m trapped in this craze. The best thing though, them wraps have great resell value that I dont feel so guilty. I can just try them all and sell later.

And we went to India and Kashmir, again, in January, with my parents, Az’s parents, and my sisters. Big family vacation :)   Stories later.

And something else about India is coming soon, too, which I will announce if it becomes real :)

First post by Daie Sulaiman

Hello World!

How do i start, mom has been refusing to blog since March, but dont blame her, it would have been hard for anyone also. It’s a long story and i’ll spare it for next update. Now I’d just pop up to say hi. Name is Daie Sulaiman, after both of mommy’s & daddy’s grandpas (that makes them my great grandfathers). I came to the world 2 months earlier than i am supposed to (way advanced aint i?) and spent 27 days in hospital (mom was there all time to feed me) and in fact i just came home 2 days ago, healthy and kicking. Though i havent seen daddy since home, he’s away to Japan and got to get me some One Piece stuff. He’ll be back tomorrow. In the meantime I’ve been behaving well and sleeping alot, mom is very happy.



10 things to do when you missed to stop at Hentian Duta and ended up at Puduraya at 5am

Scenario: You took bus from Nothern town (say, Pendang) to return to KL and are supposed to stop at Hentian Duta in Jalan Duta (because you practically had started from there for inbound journey and parked your car there). However, you managed to have overslept and when you realized, the bus was already in Puduraya. It’s 5.20 am and to make it worse, your phone was dead =.= What to do?

1) First of all, don’t panic. Although you would feel like crying and your mind is hopelessly trying hard to think how to go back, and how to call your husband/family at this odd hour. Well, it’s okay to panic but dont cry just yet. By this time you’re thinking if to go back to home first, which is not good, because you still need to go back to Hentian Duta to get your car, otherwise you dont know how to go to work! So, start thinking how to go back to Hentian Duta. In the meantime, ignore all the taxi drivers asking if you need taxi, because I dont believe in safety in this city at this hour and I doubt they will not charge you non-ridiculous fares before 6am.

2) Look around if you can find anywhere to charge your phone first. There should be McDonalds nearby, so go into it and check if any socket available. It’s okay if you dont feel like ordering anything from the breakfast set, they should know that you’re on emergency. However, if all sockets are being used by some weird people who’re happily surfing internet from their laptop at 5.20 am, you should go out from McDonalds right away and find other alternative.

3) Try 24-hour convenient store like KK-shop. I know it’s strange to ask to use the power socket but you simply dont have any other choice!! The counter boy should be nice and would allow you to use the socket near the fridge. By this time you might feel like going to the toilet so bad, but hold on first. Call your husband/mom/anyone right away once your phone get charged.. and tell them what’s happening, and now you can let yourself cry (you can hide behind the fridge). It would be convenient if you know that they’re awake at this our because they’re also traveling back home.

4) If your husband/mom/anyone have internet access or they’re currently in the village but surprisingly have a public WiFi connection, ask them to check rapidKL website and bus route you can take to get to Hentian Duta. It would help if you happened to study the bus routes before (perhaps when you were deciding whether to take bus or leave your car at Hentian Duta when you were going there earlier) so it should quicker the process. “I remember the bus B11something.. please check B112”. Your husband would check and say it’s not the correct one. The correct bus to go to Hentian Duta is B115. Although it doesnt mention Hentian Duta in the route page, it says Stadium Hoki and Masjid Wilayah, which are nearby.

5) After you’re done with the call, leave the KK-mart quickly (before that, dont forget to say thank you to the counter boy). No need to keep on charging your phone until full, as now the priority is to find a restroom! Go back to McDonalds again, and use the toilet. If you now find an available socket, you can charge your phone there, and buy a breakfast set to ease your panic for a while. The coffee would not taste as strong as usual, but by this time you feel so tired to complain. Nevermind. Use your phone and McDonalds WiFi to re-check the rapidKL website again (which your husband would not give entire information from the page thanks to limited time). Now you would know that Bus B115 would start from Pasar Seni passing by Kota Raya passing by Masjid Jamek. You should think how to wait for this bus at the right place.

6) Dont waste your time eating the whole burger at McDonalds because it’s already 6am and first bus would run anytime by now. So quickly run to ANY bus parked near the area (you’re now in front of Mydin) and ask the driver where to wait for bus B115. If the driver doesnt know, he would point to someone sitting in a desk by the shoplot, which you would guess a RapidKL officer. Go and ask him, and he would be knowledgable enough to inform you that you should wait for bus B115 in front of Kota Raya (with a note, it’s in front, NOT opposite) and bus should come around 6.20 am.

7) Go to in front of Kota Raya to a place which looks like a bus stop (you should find some people waiting for bus also) and wait. The bus B115 would come around 6.35am. Get in the bus and tell the driver you want to go to Stadium Hoki.

8) The bus would depart immediately passing by Masjid Jamek and you would have a smooth ride in the center of KL at early morning. You would feel sad for wasting your sleep time like this but please be alert with your surrounding. Please notice where the bus is heading as you dont want to miss your destination again.

9) The bus would reach Istana Negara area and Masjid Wilayah and you would realize that Hentian Duta is getting nearby. If the bus turns left after the junction in a Government buildings area, you should be alert that the bus seems not be heading towards Stadium Hoki. Please quickly go to the bus driver and ask him when the bus will reach Stadium Hoki. Which he would answer, you should get down here and walk down towards the stadium. Ah =.=

10) So, get down the bus and walk for less than 10 minutes to the main road, cross the road carefully, and you would reach Hentian Duta. You should be very relieved by now and feel so thankful to God. It’s already 7am so quickly go to your car, call your husband/mom/family again to tell them you’re safe and sound. You should reach home around 7.10 am (well, depending where you live) and you still have 30 minutes to take a nap before going to work.


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