2011 Revisited: New smart phone

Before 2012 ends, let me at least flash back to 2011 and bring back some stuff I was meaning to update about.

And first, let me proudly announce that I was the last person on planet to own an Android phone (or whatever smart phones nowadays), it was in August if I can remember, just after I switched job. It had been many months since my Nokia 6120 dead (only camera can still work) and I’ve got Lumix TZ7 some time during USM time 2 years ago and the need of camera phone has been somehow reduced. But having to use my old Nokia 1600 was saddening after months.. and it was then when I was contemplating to buy a neat smart phone. However, I ended up with the cheapest, oldest, most obsolete HTC Wildfire =,= Az said I had to start with the most basic first and see if it suits me before I can upgrade to more expensive or newer type (good excuse for not letting me spend over RM1k for a new phone). And that time I saw Miriam also bought the same type (apparently I happen to be inspired by her in buying stuff, a Brother’s sewing machine included, which I’ll talk about in next post), so I thought, who cares if it’s the cheapest and least functioning Android, not that I was going to spend my entire time with it.

I was disappointed at first after seeing how poor is the function and I realized that I am not the type of those modern people who would react fast with a touch screen T_T When I started to curse myself for following the trend and had to buy a new phone that I wasnt really interested and capable to use, I got to find some nice Photo editor apps that give you Retro look which is so in lately, which means I can save time from doing Photoshop already. Az was right then, should I have bought a more expensive phone, I would even curse myself even more every time I find it hard to write SMS properly =,=

From FXCamera:

Pics above taken in Az’s (another) home town in Kedah.

in my hometown KB.

Kursus Kahwin?

Pre-marriage course. Note to my foreign friends: the marriage law in Malaysia needs people to undergo a short (usually 2 days) course before they can apply for a marriage. You’ll be given a certificate, which literally qualifies you to get married in this country. Or something like that. What do they teach you in the pre-marriage course? Marriage stuff, of course :P (dont ask me, I’ve never been to any, yet, so I have no idea).

Well, Az is in the hometown attending his pre-marriage course today (today & tomorrow, in fact). I hope he really pays attention, instead of falling asleep in there (which I wont be surprised if he is anyway, knowing that he stayed up last night for work =.=).

Me? I have not yet attended any course, and it makes sense that I’m supposed to do it too, probably soon. But I’m in between busy and lazy, and how could you expect that I can occupy my mind with another sudden new thingy like speeches about marriage and laws when right now all I know is a huge partition of my mind is fully occupied with questions like what on earth is this (2p+1)x(2p+1) window in this image Fuzzy algorithm?? I mean, window??? What window?? Cant I use the image size mxn instead like most algorithm to work on every image pixel? And why I need to solve other people’s methods in the first place when I already got mine working and giving result? Why make it so complicated?? Agh.


Back to topic, the pre-marriage course. It’s actually finally I know the useful thing with the fact that I went to religious high school before, and with the Kelantan State Marriage Law’s Dept is actually giving me the┬áprivilege┬áto be exempted from taking the pre-marriage course as I did the Sijil Menengah Ugama (SMU) exam back then during Form 4 and I own the SMU exam certificate, and I dont know the relevance is, but it doesnt matter coz WHAT MATTERS IS I DONT NEED TO GO PREMARRIAGE COURSE IN ORDER TO GET MARRIED! Yay. It does save my life now.

Never mind the fact that I barely remember anything of the Fiqh subject I studied for the SMU cert – which covered a bit of many things of Islamic marriage laws (come on, it’s 10 years ago, and doesnt everyone learn things at school for the sake of exam only and later we forget everything?).

Not that I object the idea of going to the course – going anyway even though I’m fully qualified for an exemption (ceh, cakap besar pulak hehe), but I think in this critical time I’ll just make use of the exemption for the marriage application purpose, coz I really dont have time and mood and a sane mind to go some formal and spiritual and legal session like that. At least not now. Okay, maybe I’m a bit lazy actually. And I’m not ready. For the purpose of polishing back the knowledge, maybe I’ll go to the course after the marriage, if needed. Can or not? ^_^