Another reason why you should move and live in Langkawi, apart from cheap cars: there are hell lot variety of pretty postcards of this island! Unlike Kelantan postcards, unlike the already-boring KL cards.. hmmph, I dont know if there are many Postcrossers in Langkawi anyway? Otherwise it’s such a waste!

Despite my long absence from Postcrossing and the habit of shopping-writing-sending-postcards-like-mad since ages, it was amazing that when I go on a vacation and see racks of postcards available, the itch comes back by default just instantly! :D I mean, it’s a real crime not buying at least 30 pieces when you already come all the way to here for a holiday, dont you think?

I dont go tagging or swapping on the forum anymore, let alone requesting officials (afraid if I cant keep up with registering cards on time) but I’m blessed that I still know a bunch of dear people who will always be delighted to receive mails :D so these 20+ people, whether you’re reading here or not, as long as I still keep your address, you can expect a mail from me soon ^_^

Talking about postcards, I received my first postcard from Az the other week :P

If this werent an advertisement card, I could have sworn that it wouldnt come as surprise anymore since I’ve already seen ALL possible pictures of KL postcards by now. Hohoho (gelak seorang postcrosser otai yg berlagak). And yes, Az likes to write using a pencil =.= and it’s the second time he addressed Nibong Tebal in Perak. Tsk… I know Parit Buntar is only steps away, but USM Nibong Tebal is still in Penang, okay?


8pm tonight: there will be downtime for and all subdomain blogs coz we’re migrating the server. To where? To a place where my heart is closer to ;-) HAHA okay la will explain more next time ;D so see ya and pls pray that my sites wont crash tonight.

Just because.

I got something in the mail the other day that I feel the urge to show it here coz it’s the first time I received a weird drawing like this :)

Take a closer look:

Heh, it’s blur of course with my camera phone, so you can’t read the message :P

So.. is it meant to measure my palm size like this? O_O

Sampah Dalam Beg

Ini tag oleh Wanie :) sebab dia tag semua followers dia jadi tak semena2 saya ditagged juga secara tidak langsung.

Beg saya yang plain dan bosan jek sejak terpaksa kembali jadi student sepenuh masa. Serius takde langsung alat make-up.. digantikan dengan pencil case dan buku2.. haih. OK ini la isi beg tersebut setelah buku2 dan notes ditolak tepi.

Aleh.. sori terpaksa desperately pakai webcam dari laptop je yang serba kekurangan.. sebab camera phone terpaksa masuk dalam gambar. I dah lama takde camera.. *sob* Hanpon lama diguna kembali untuk Digi Campus (bijak guna peluang sebagai student walaupun dah terlebih usia). Hanpon yang berbungkus oleh kulit Bunny tu dah lama gila dan dah rosak, oleh itu badannya cuma menghidupkan Bunny. Dan Bunny ada di mana-mana sahaja saya berada. Ellgina tu kawan baru I.. tapi belum properly introduced lagi kat korang kan.. nanti rajin baru buat welcoming post untuk beliau.

My Moomins wallet tu eksklusif dari Finland tau.. hadiah dari Arja-Liisa :)

Akhir kata, saya tag Nay, Rina, Farah, dan Nurul untuk membuat post sebegini di blog anda. Terima kasih.

Postcards to Nibong Tebal

I’m dedicating this post to Nay, a cheerful blogger whom I came across during blogwalking lately who happens to be a Postcrosser :) I mean, it’s such a pure luck to meet a Postcrosser outside Postcrossing site itself, no? (that counts Postcrossing Forum and postcards-related blogs and Facebook as well – where I already have loads of Postcrossers in friend list – and there could be more Postcrossers who are friends of friends therefore meeting Postcrossers on FB is no longer a coincidence) so YAY, I was happy as I found at least one among those bunch of bloggers from Nuffnang community visiting me lately who shares the same passion as I do! :D

And yesterday I received 2 official cards again – addressed to my hostel. As I said earlier I have put my Postcrossing career in rest  ever since I came to study in USM (I used to be a certified full-time Postcrosser, mind you – though a full-time career as a Postcrosser was more like spending more money while earning nothing :P), but as I got some cards in my hands the other month it was hard enough to resist myself from requesting address on Postcrossing. Hence the guilty pleasure, again, and I now started sending postcards after one semester of being totally inactive. And also, the swaps from people who PM me after being featured as Postcrossing Spotlight. And these are what I received within past few weeks:

From China, Brazil, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Finland, India, Romania, Serbia,  Slovenia.

If only I had a scanner here in my hostel room, you’ll not be surprised at all if you see me start scanning postcards and uploading to Flickr and updating the postcards blog again :P Well my roommate has a scanner, but it’s pointless to borrow for such purpose, I mean, okay, maybe I’m still not that desperate to update my Postcrossing collection just yet. (p.s. I used to be more than desperate actually – was spending hours in UIA computer lab many years ago only to scan my postcards when my scanner got broken =_= now give me a surprised look, I dont mind.) Well yeah, perhaps I’m still keeping my words that I said when I was about to give it a rest for a while as I knew I’d be having so much to do once I continue studying, even though I am not entirely too busy, but still, I know if I start doing it, then I’ll be devoting all my time and soul and money to it :)

To anyone else, apart from Nay, who pass by here and you’re a Postcrosser, please say hello to me! And my question now, are you as crazy as me (and many others, actually) who would keep a blog entirely about postcards you receive?