Dell XPS 15

I got a new laptop.. it’s Dell XPS 15. A good excuse to make new updates here. It’s been pity that has missed alot of things happening in past few months (or can I say, year?). The anniversary to begin with. I mean THE anniversary. Yes, last 5th February remarked one year of my marriage :-) (I mean, time’s flying so freaking fast!), and since last month, suddenly Az has got a better living with *my* parents in KB with job and business to take care. So I am living independently in KL with my job, and we get to see each other on weekend (me going back to KB or him coming to KL). Details later. I mean the anniversary ;D Oh well. Next is China trip, only one month to go! Or actually, Xinjiang to be precise. Or the historic Silk Road in China. Yeah we’ll be there pretty soon. Again details later.

Mr Compaq

Everyone, meet my new lover.

Mr Compaq

The first laptop I ever own, I hope that doesn’t sound as if I just returned from living in a cave. Well, yes. Maybe I am among the late people to have an Intel Core 2 Duo while there’s even Quad now :P I wouldn’t have needed a new laptop either in the first place. My 6 (6???) year old Pentium 4 PC is still serving me well and personally I prefer desktop PC rather than notebook computers, I mean, you can’t just leave a laptop on like that when you go out or something like you can leave a desktop PC, and storing is a thing I don’t like about laptops. But I had to get a piece as I am moving again soon, and I don’t have heart to drag the big machine to Penang. I have moved the PC here and there when I was in UIA for 4 years and the apartment in KL as well, and I guess it’s the time for Mr Big PC to retire from moving around with me. So I hope Mr Big PC doesnt mind I am with Mr Compaq now, he’s easygoing and flexible and I can bring almost everywhere even in bed ;)

OK so I got this Compaq with a Windows Vista pre-installed on it, just like what I heard that they’re forcing people to use Vista nowadays. And first I was stunned that I was using Vista and thought I would try to like it, but after hours I realized that I would never like it and I decided I’d haveĀ it run on XP no matter what it takes, just I didnt expect it would take so much work. The machine doesn’t simply accept XP installation! It ended up with error blue screen everytime it loaded the XP CD. Darn HP and Microsoft. But they don’t know people are smarter than them :P After hours of googling and downloading, I found a way to install XP on new stubborn machines (tutorial here) and my life was saved again! But I still had a problem with drivers (you have to look around to download drivers coz on the Compaq website for this particular laptop they just provide drivers for Vista =_= and yes, no CD in the first place, agh) and after many hours all was done and perfect except the audio that didnt seem to work. Mr Compaq was now mute with XP! :( Again another phase of googling, and I found this tutorial to make it sound again. Haih. So much work la.. See? I better dump Mr Compaq and go back to Mr Big PC!

Hmm and now the lappy is behaving fine again, with sound, and XP, and I guess it wouldn’t get much better than this :)

I am happy!