Did anyone miss Bunny?

Bunny is back, alive and kicking.

Well, some Bunny-unrelated stories:

– This morning I had a surprise visit by Lenya, my long term UIA buddy whom the last time I saw was during her wedding last December – which I blogged here. Though it was a quick one hour meet up today during her lunch break from seminar in Mech. School… we went around USM and Parit Buntar town to let her know how dreadful this place I’ve survived living for almost one year. I was so excited coz it doesnt happen too often that someone would visit you when you’re living in a deserted campus like here. So terharu :~) Aiyoh, forgot to take pics pulak =.=

– I’ve selected 3 possible titles for my Master’s project, and I dont know if I really fancy any of them that much.

  1. Image Processing for Hand Veins
  2. Color Correction Technique for Color Images with Contrast Enhancement facility
  3. Improving the performance of an ensemble of Neural Network classifiers

Nevermind if you dont understand what these are about, coz neither do I…huhu. This 17th I’ll find out which one in particular I’ll be working my butt off throughout next semester.

– I’ll probably be meeting Az again on 22nd when I’ll go to KL attending WordCamp :)) *happy*


It sounds weird to admit this, but this is actually the first time in my life attending a friend’s wedding. At the age of 26. While my younger sister Ismah has been attending thousands of her friends’ weddings all these years already.

ilyani and lenya.

lenya and ilyani.

I know I sound as if I am a friendless freak whose social life is revolving around only virtually with foreign buddies far far away, or/and used to be revolving around with an equally friendless boy. Okay, I do have a few friends, in fact, whom I was invited to their wedding and I could possibly attend, Akmal and Fizah for example.. only I was out of the country end of last year when those events happened. I know there have been some weddings happening since then among ex-UIA buddies, but most of them are too ‘foreign’ to me to attend the weddings, even if I was invited. Let’s just say, I would only attend weddings of my really close friends (still the ‘close’ term is rather subjective and I don’t actually specifically register who’s close and who’s not, neither define how close is ‘close’), otherwise I don’t actually fancy weddings, if you must know. Probably not until I have my own ;-D (okay, that’s lousy, I am sorry. But honestly, would you ever attend a wedding to witness all the happiness of the bride & groom, just right after the plan of your own marriage ridiculously failed?? And honestly again, I was actually secretly *glad* that I was out of the country end of last year so I didn’t have to attend them weddings :P)

Anyways. Congratulations to Lenya & Ceno. :))