The Chronicles of Right Eyelid Infection

Day 4. Getting OK.

I can now open my right eye by 85% (it was barely 30% the other night when it was the worst – yes, and I realized that I tend to be unnecessarily emotional whenever I get down with sickness like this =_=, where’s my patience??!)


Maybe I *did* become patient enough that yesterday evening a magical happiness happened totally out of the blue! Bless my infected right eye that I managed to SEE what had been ‘unseen’ all this while :P

I’ll let the print screen below do the talking ;D


I got an eyelid infection, now my right eye has a bump and bruise. (somehow I wanted to blame this eye cream I used to wear a couple of months back, but then why right eye only?)

I cant go to library or school with this horrible face of mine.

And I got fungus infection at the back of my neck. (!!)

And I got stung by charlie (aka semut kayap) yet for another time   T_T (dah banyak scar kat peha, kat belly, kat lengan, benci charlie!! Ni la akibatnya USM terceruk tengah ladang kelapa sawit)

What happened to me now? :(

I want to get out of this horrible place, please???

I’m still stuck with my program and cant seem to get the desired result however many times I’ve fixed the codes. I started to think my Matlab software has been infected by a virus that it’s not giving me my wanted output correctly.

Infection everywhere.