1- These few weeks I choose to stay in library instead of my cubical in Postgrad room. I came to think that I do actually like library better. And the Postgrad room has freezing air-conditioning that my hands get stiff after a few hours =.= (eh.. camana nak main snow nih kalau tak tahan sejuk??). Plus I can stay in library comfortably til late, 10.30pm, while the Postgrad room will start to be empty after 7pm, leaving me alone with unwelcome thoughts of hantu might appear at any time. Just kidding, I dont fear of that, but it’s a little tiny bit uncomfortable of being alone til late night in an empty office room at the 3rd floor with nobody’s around.

2- Dr Umi gave me til end of this month to finalize my program and analyze the outputs, and by November I’ll have to start writing thesis. One month. Hopefully I’ll manage to get it done accordingly.

3- Alot of credit cards usage this month which makes me feel bad that I had to rely on my parents to pay the bills still. From Kelisa maintenance service to changing the exhaust pipe to replacing my broken printer (and even the new printer got breakdown after 2nd usage T_T now waiting for HP to send a replacement). And some unnecessary makeup and beauty stuff I suddenly had to buy for the engagement. Tak jadik cantik sgt pon.. :/

4- My serviced apartment business is going good, Alhamdulillah. Got a number of bookings til December, mostly during weekends. It makes me a busy hotel manager now, getting calls and making calls every now and then.. haiyoh.

5- It’s both sensible and not sensible if I say I’m still not thinking about wedding preparation yet, even though the family have discussed that it will be happening in 4 months. I know normal people would start planning one year ahead before the big day, but to me.. I’m just too busy and lazy to think about wedding. Or maybe it’s still not really my thing. (Can I actually say that?). Tsk..

6- But but but!! I’m already excitedly preparing for our trip to India in April. The trip is way more important than wedding, hahaha.

7- Oooppss.. terlepas cakap pulak :P

Still here..

I’m back to USM the other day after spending 1 week at home. I had to take care of the house while my parents were on holiday to Sarawak visiting sis – which I was meaning to work on my project proposal in the meantime – but ended up getting my ass busier on something totally irrelevant to my master’s project. In fact, it’s been obvious that I’m studying something I dont actually fancy.. yuck! If USM had a course called WordPess Web Design & Development, I’m sure I’ll be getting an excellent grade :P

Yes yes I’m having yet another project with Az with our small freelance website business, after a couple of small company websites done and we’re glad that we actually made money from it and now I’m making a new community site for the apartment area where Az owns a house there. I am so excited about that coz the place  has been so significant to us and perhaps could be THE reason why we met in this web space (yup, a long story, unless you’ve been following this blog since end last year perhaps you might have some idea what I’m talking about), and plus, my parents are in process of buying a house there too, so it’s somehow already been in my mind, the pictures of me & Az living there.. (isnt that too fast-forwarded plan?? :P)

And another significant event is…….. THE PARENTS HAVE MET!!!! O_O Yup, my parents, and his parents. Right during the time we were in KL seeing the house. It was such an unplanned meeting, or you can say, plan was made within less than 24 hours, and before I knew it, I saw 6 of us: me, Az and both of our parents, having a nice morning tea in some gerai in the apartment area. It was such a comfortable moment I can say, even though they were meeting each other for the first time. And for me, meeting Az for the 5th time. (What?? Fifth only so far?? =.=)

And and and… after sending my parents getting ERL at KL Sentral, we had of course, a few private, parents-free hours to spend together, eating, talking, walking around, having silent moments. Before he sent me to train going back to Penang.

So yeah, now I’m back in USM, right at my cubicle, bored and busy with my project proposal again – deadline is 16th.. how annoying is that???