New place, new energy, new motivation

I was given a neat cubical in one of the Postgraduate rooms at the faculty. They are usually meant for research or PhD students, but perhaps coz I requested nicely and I appear as a good girl and there’s actually a newly renovated room in floor 3 which has yet to be fully occupied, so ta-da, I got my new work place :)

Here’s my little office. Cozy enough, compared to random first-come-first-served places at library. And I can actually keep my books here without needing to bring back every time, the drawers come with lock, and I was even given a spare key of this room. Perfect. And unlike library, nobody stops me from bringing my backpack inside or whatever stuff I want.

Closer look of my table. I havent loaded many things here yet, except books I’m using for project, and I keep some in the drawers.. I dont even know yet if I can bring food stock to here.. but there’s actually a small kitchen cabinet with a sink equipped along in this room, so it’s not too impossible, no?

I’m not updating often from now on.. things have been great lately with so many things so tell people, but I’m just not in the mood of blogging that much.

I’m perfectly in the mood of spending 8 to 6 in my comfy office. In the mood of getting my task done as fast as possible. In the mood of working harder and smarter. In the mood of making the project as excellent as it can be.

Maybe that doesnt sound like me, but that’s what I’ve promised to someone so I should at least be keeping my words :)

Wish me the best.


Nothing else to update except the never ending process of reading [boring] journal papers.. which I myself dont feel like writing about anyway. Dr U will be back from Shanghai tomorrow and I’ll be doomed to see her again should I not prepare completely.

Until then.

Workstation at library

Now that this semester I no longer go to class (yay!) so I like to waste my time in the library.. before I ever need to go to labs. Since I dont like staying in the boring hostel room anyway. Whether I’m working here or just lazying around, it’s still the best place to be in this sappy campus of USM.

It’s still semester break (undergrad students will come back next week) so the library is almost empty.. so I get this whole area for my own :D HOHOHO and this particular corner as my workstation.. I’m reading journal papers now but well.. actually only browsing around trying hard to digest the articles that I dont seem to understand =.=

Not as interesting, I guess. But I dont like taking carrel room coz it will be even boring. Anyway this area is spacious enough at this particular time when nobody’s around. And I guess only people who like to spend her time alone like me would see this place good to stay for a whole day.

Or actually, I’m not really alone, mind ya.

YEY Bunny rocks! Hehehe. I love taking Bunny to library coz he well behaves and I can play with him whenever I get bored. And he likes it when I ride bicycle around fast ^_^ outside library, I mean.

Come to think about it again, I guess this is the first time I actually uploaded a pic of me camwhoring with Bunny, no? :)

Okay okay,.. now got to continue studying. Bye.

I must start reading journals, I must start reading journals, I must start reading journals, I must start reading journals, I must start reading journals..

It’s been *counting..* 3 weeks.. since I met Dr Umi and she wanted me to study regarding project. Meaning, to read journals online, to understand, and to start writing project proposal. Truth is, after 3 weeks, I havent been getting nowhere :(

First, the topic (generally) was Image Processing for Hand Veins. All I had in mind was image extraction, enhancement – whatever picture of it. Shouldnt be that hard. Like I did the same way with image noise removal using Matlab programming during DIP the other semester. Once Dr Umi mentioned something regarding some light wave to enable image reading, i.e. Infra-red, I started getting uncertain of how the hell I’m going to start with the project. It should be more than only mere programming. And as soon as she forwarded to me journals regarding Neural Network, the more I went clueless… why NN?? How on earth AI has to still be haunting me til this point of time?? =_= Okay, add procrastinating, add laziness, add unfocusing, add so-many-other-things-I-love-doing-rather-than-reading-journals. And the result was, I couldnt get my mind hardworking enough to understand what I’ve been reading.

But this has to stop there. I must wake up and work my ass off.

Dr Umi wanted me to gather info and images from this research student Mar, who’s doing a kinda similar project, but she’s focusing for both hardware and software part throughout 2 years of her research studies. I went to meet her this morning and oh how I could somehow finally see some light in the darkest of darkness in the matter. I am so happy. Thanks to her, I now have some idea what I should be reading, what I should be studying, what I should be understanding. And later I can figure out what I should be writing, and what I should be programming. NN is another method among loads of methods available, silly. For my dissertation period of only 1 semester, barely 4 months actually before the implementation and thesis writing, so as Dr Umi said, nothing much I can do. I can simply use the one or some I’m already familiar with or certain in working on it and that should be enough. I dont even have to care about hardware part. Mar herself has been around for 1 semester, and she said she had to do alot of readings 2 months before coming to USM. 2 months of reading alone >.< I could only gasped looking at her browsing thick files of journal copies. I cant understand people who can devote their time to researches and reading journals and books. That’s why they are called researchers, okay.

The semester hasn’t even started, but I guess I’ve been really late and I’m gonna faint here.

Az in KB, and other stuff.

Hullo. I’m alive and kicking. Just too busy to blog. Busy of what? Busy enjoying happiness :) (eh poyo..)

Ok lah, summarized version only.

1) Az in Kota Bharu

Az was here for 3 days, meeting my parents, seeing places, having fun, and eating like mad. I am so much relieved that the meet-up and his visit went well, Alhamdulillah. I cant describe in words of how excited I was and being the first timer in the family to finally introduce my other-half to the parents has actually been really awkward, needless to say the sudden expectations from people. I dont feel like writing in details about this coz there are heaps to write and I’m so lazy, therefore I’m just telling you the brief idea, and you’ll not even see pics of us anymore (padan muka :P) coz I need to be more secure about this from now on, knowing that my blog has been reached by some anonymous readers beyond my expectation. And I got some overwhelming responses for the pics of me & Az I put in few last post, and somehow it’s been like I am abusing our own privacy, though Az himself doesnt mind about it. And I know it’s my blog and my own space and I dont actually need to fear writing or displaying anything I want, yet I just realized that things have so much changed since era, where nobody was really aware about the blog existence then (where it was safer). Plus, I’m having a private blog where I write together with Az (yes, he does blog there too and am so much giddy about it XD) so I guess things about us will be gradually be more focused in there rather than on

2) My project proposal

Which I have not yet started doing =.= When I was meeting up with Dr Umi the other week, she gave me 2 weeks to do the journal readings and write the Lit reviews and project proposal.. but aiyooh.. where did my time go?? :( Really need to start working my ass off or I’ll be real doomed, expected to leave for USM end of this week. *sob* And I may not be having Kelisa in first few weeks there.. and maybe months :(

3) Crafty bags

Like these?? :) Head on to to see my new addition! :)) Tell me that you’re reader or follower you’ll get 10% discount! :D

4) I am Exabytes Happy Client winner!

Happier, in fact! Hehe. Will let you know more once I receive the voucher :P Now only the spoiler:

See you! ^_^