[Post-] Birthday lunch @ Nando’s Autocity

Look at my face. If you think it’s a happy thing about turning 27 at this point of time, then think again.

A bitter smile of a 27 year old who’s still in denial about her true age. But hey, yesterday I went to cheer myself up and forget the sad fact that I’ve been one year older, in Autocity, or precisely, at Nando’s.

I was wishing for something simple yet I loved (and something you cannot find in the campus in towns nearby) like Subway or Domino’s pizza or Baskin Robbin’s milkshake.. but my roommate suggested Nando’s, and since it’s her who was driving us to Juru, so I just agreed. I dont know if I fancy Nando’s so much, the only time I had dined Nando’s was during one of Iris’ staff farewell party back in the working year.

We had typical peri-peri chicken and soup and iced chocolate, which wasn’t too bad, even though it was a bit more expensive than I had planned to spend that day. Anyways. It was nevertheless good, when you dont actually find these fine restaurants everyday and rather been eating boring food in the campus all times and nearby towns are practically hopeless. Driving half an hour the highway to Juru is usually worth it when you actually eat alot there, hehehe.

OK lah, I really dont know why I’ve not been that much excited about blogging anymore.. probably you have noticed it. I’m only keeping track ¬†of significant things here for the sake of diary of my life, and stop blogging about crappy stuff. Good thing that Project Alpha is over now :P