My FIRST Nuffnang cheque is here!!! :D

YAY YAY YAY! Come sing along with me! XD

Finally the long-awaited piece of paper reached my home safe and sound!

It was theĀ cumulativeĀ amount I earned within my first two months with Nuffnang (March & April 2010). Yep, not that much, but anyway I know my blog is still far from being defined as “having many visitors & readers”. Okay, RM50 of the total amount was from Gatsby Street Fair event (yeah, do you really think I would go to KL all the way from Penang for the event should they not pay me at least for the train ticket??), RM60 from 3 Project Alpha blog posts (the lame posts I wrote about Adidas, P1 Wimax and stuff which look rather annoyingly desperate, I know =.= needless to say those YouTube video embeds which I havent even had time to watch them all lol.. all those for the sake of RM20 each post okay!! :P I’ve learned that Project Alpha is over so after this no more chance to get RM20 that easy every week *sob* I even missed the last topic to blog *sob again*).. so only the rest were generated from my ads click.. you do the maths.. not that much afterall kan? Whatever pun, I’m so thankful for this so-called side income while having fun blogging myself ^_^

Thank you Nuffnang!!