My FIRST Nuffnang cheque is here!!! :D

YAY YAY YAY! Come sing along with me! XD

Finally the long-awaited piece of paper reached my home safe and sound!

It was the cumulative amount I earned within my first two months with Nuffnang (March & April 2010). Yep, not that much, but anyway I know my blog is still far from being defined as “having many visitors & readers”. Okay, RM50 of the total amount was from Gatsby Street Fair event (yeah, do you really think I would go to KL all the way from Penang for the event should they not pay me at least for the train ticket??), RM60 from 3 Project Alpha blog posts (the lame posts I wrote about Adidas, P1 Wimax and stuff which look rather annoyingly desperate, I know =.= needless to say those YouTube video embeds which I havent even had time to watch them all lol.. all those for the sake of RM20 each post okay!! :P I’ve learned that Project Alpha is over so after this no more chance to get RM20 that easy every week *sob* I even missed the last topic to blog *sob again*).. so only the rest were generated from my ads click.. you do the maths.. not that much afterall kan? Whatever pun, I’m so thankful for this so-called side income while having fun blogging myself ^_^

Thank you Nuffnang!!

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair: The Largest Bloggers Gathering!

Read: “The Largest Bloggers’ Gathering with GATSBY Deodorant Street Fair”. And I really mean the Largest with capital L.

And Bunny was here yesterday.

Oh Bunny you’re so drama. Okay okay, I admit that I was promising around that I wasn’t attending Gatsby Fair and instead focusing on exam, but but how could I study when my mind was far away in KL, precisely in Berjaya Times Square? And with Rina’s post inviting me (read: forcing me to go).. how could I let her down?? Hence the sudden decision to make a quick trip for a day to KL. Hmm ok I know the explanation is unnecessary.

The crowd of bloggers in red! We had official photo session for the Malaysia Book of Records as they came to remark this event officially as MALAYSIA’S LARGEST BLOGGERS GATHERING! Whoohoooo!!!

Yup, here, the official peeps of Malaysia Book of Record and Nuffnang big bos showing off our huge certificate for being listed in the record book! ^_^ YAY, I was included in the book of record, how cool is that??? Okay, me with 518 other bloggers who came that day la.

The Gatsby Street Fair was named Gatsby Street Fair so coz you can find LOADS of fun street-games like these filling the huge front foyer of Berjaya Times Square.

And it was also named Gatsby Street Fair coz most of the games use Gatsby products as tokens.. I mean, shooting Gatsby deodorant spray cans, fishing Gatsby deodorant bottles, and the likes :P HAHAHA and yes, the event did smell like deodorant all over :)) nice ones. Once you win the game, you’re given one or two blue coupons, and the more you win, the more Gatsby points you get! I managed to get 12 points for first session and another 14 points for afternoon session! Not that professional la.. some of the games were too difficult as well =.=

Ohohoho.. and this is the funniest one:

ilyani decided to look silly and joined this air-balloon sumo battle with Rina.. and after a few minutes she decided to surrender :P

Eh forgot pulak to introduce the bloggers I met in the fair yesterday. These are the peeps I went around with to play games, to take pics, to dine at McDonalds. Otherwise I didnt know anyone else among those bunch of people!

Top-left: Rina. She’s been my blogger friend ever since I joined Nuffnang, cant remember who arrived to whose blog first, but I guess she’s the first blogger that I met in person! Rina is cool!

T0p-right: Murni, Rina’s friend from school.

Bottom-left: Aidi-Safuan, also Rina’s friend from UNITEN.

I also came across a few other bloggers I know (and dont).

Left: Kira-max!! :) hehehe. I bumped into her and excitedly call her name, and introduce myself. She claimed, “oh, I thought you were not coming!” and “I didnt know your face from your blog..” yayayaya I know I dont put my pics so much in the blog coz I think Bunny is prettier than me so he deserves to be featured every now and then.. T_T

Right: Audrey of, I thought I have seen her blog before. She was an eye-catcher in the event as she was so pretty and petite! And she doesnt wear red t-shirt like us! I guess she’s some VIP guest by Nuffnang itself ;-) Oh and she says Bunny’s cute! ^_^

Left: Devi da Lil’ DeviL, who was around carrying a DSLR camera with her, obviously, coz her blog is about photography. And it was my first time using such big camera when she wanted me to take the photo of her with friend.

Right: Sharon of Mika ♥ Shaz, we talked to her while lepak2 waiting for the lucky draw announcement.

Left: Supia from Supiaholic! It was a surprise to bump into her.. and again, she’s another person to acclaim, “I thought you wouldnt come!!!” =_= OK OK now it seems like I really have been spreading lies.. lol

Right: Sakira of Sakiralicious. I just thought I’ve seen her blog feed from GengBlogger before, so I’d just say hi :)

The best part: We took pics with the Nuffnang big boss Mr Timothy Tiah! :D

Finally, the lucky draw sessions took place twice, at 2pm and 5pm, and boths sessions gave away loads of cool prizes like Acer laptop, Ninetendo Wii, GPS set, Canon Ixus camera, Acer PDA phone, Blackberry phone.. *drools* yeah yeah all of us regardless being tired after a whole day playing games and walking around still chose to stay until the end, hoping to get our names to be called as the lucky winner!

One of the bosses went into the wind box and choose tiny notes written there each blogger’s name. Your luck is set by this wind box! Aaaaaaaaaaaand guess what, Aidi was one of the luckiest bloggers that day and managed to come home with a Blackberry phone! >.< so teh jealous!!!! Why they never called ilyani??? *sob*

Anyway, that’s my piece from the Gatsby Street Fair, which I could say really fun until the extent my legs got really hurt walking! ~.~ What I got even though not winning any of those expensive lucky draw prizes? Hmmph, 1 Gatsby deodorant spray (like Takuya Kimura was wearing here) and 1 Gatsby cooling facial foam, from the points redemption lah. Eh but these stuff are for men la.. Tsk…

My Favourite Sport

If I lived in New Zealand my favorite sport would have been bungee jumping :) Love it when it gives such a great adrenaline as if you’re flying into infinite space facing the most beautiful view the world has to offer. Ahh it’s PERFECT!

However as I only see myself living a boring place like USM Nibong Tebal campus, the only possible sport I am happy doing is cycling. I have got a red bicycle ever since I arrived here last year.. lalalala.. it had been 10 years before that when I had stopped riding a bicycle, and it was such an awesome opportunity to ride again here, thanks to great cycling society in this campus. So I’m proud to say my favorite sport is cycling!!!!!!

And apparently cycling is Bunny’s favorite sport too.

Though in most cases I’m the one who does the cycling while Bunny will just tumpang bonceng.. banyak cantik muka dia, but I wouldnt mind one, coz he’s only lightweight and he behaves nice when I bring him sightseeing outdoors.

Okay lah, and I admit I don’t go cycling as often as during previous semester (now that I own the Kelisa) but still, whenever I have the mood for it + lovely evening weather around 6-7pm, then I would just go flying with my super bike! :D

Normal path you can possibly go cycling inside USM campus is the one marked with red, it’s the outermost ring road spanning about 2.5km. Alternatively there are many other paths you can go experimenting with, through small roadways between faculty buildings, and what I love about this campus (despite being so deserted inside palm estate) is the flat land which makes it possible to cycle fast and free with the wind :) And at this particular hour, there’s no many cars on the road so it’s safe to cycle around.

Why do I love cycling? First, it gives me a great feeling having the wind blowing to my face. Second, it burns a good amount of calories and speeds up your metabolism rate without having to endure painfully tiring feeling like any other sports. Third, it tones up your thighs and gives you a firm ass :) Dont believe me? Read here. Ha now everyone wants to ride bicycle to have pretty thighs! ^_^

This evening I went cycling again with Bunny, after a few days down with flu I felt like gaining some energy with my bike, and I took the yellow path, from my hostel building in the top-right corner, I rode about 200m to the first checkpoint, and after that continued riding for another 700m to reach the 2nd checkpoint. After resting for 20 minutes at the 2nd checkpoint, I rode for 1.5 km going back.

OKlah, actually first checkpoint tu as we dropped by cafetaria to buy keropok lekor, then dropped by again at 2nd checkpoint at Nescafe vending machine at Civil School for an evening meal :)) Hehehe. That’s how I call a perfect sport session, no? ^_^

Oho and after the 1 hour good calorie-burning cycling session, it’s so good lah to wash yourself with refreshing body & skin care  like Adidas Action 3 range.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

My Date Night

I am in my own conflict to post this entry. It’s pretty obvious by now that I’ve been obsessed with Nuffnang and the ads and contests I’m having so many pending ideas to write about for each, but at the same time, for this topic, I feel rather bad that again I have to tell a story about Az for yet another time. I mean, I know I’ve been abusing his privacy lately thanks to mentioning him in almost every post in this blog =_= Sorry dear, but please bear with me this time as I’M WRITING THIS FOR THE SAKE OF FREE MOVIE TICKETS AND WE CAN WATCH IT WITH 89 OTHER NUFFNANGERS IN THE BIG SCREEN! :D WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Now doesn’t that sound cool?

So let me begin. *Ahem…*

My date night with Az has actually been my first and only date with him so far. Can you believe it? After magically trapping him to arrive in my sappy blog from Google search sometime in October last year, and shortly later we found out that we liked each other, followed by countless chats and emails conversation and phone calls… but ONLY after 4 months passing, we were able to meet up for the first time. There were several attempts and plans to meet earlier, but they either ended with cancellation upon other commitment or disastrous event of a failing surprise thanks to his mobile phone that chose to die at that critical time.. ok.. no need to story about it =_=

Let’s go back to the happening date.

It was in KL Sentral, the night when I took a train back to Penang after the mid-semester holiday. He kept telling me he was nervous, but I pretended to be cool and steady, as if it was not gonna be a problem to me, meeting someone you’ve been sharing your feelings and talking about almost everything under the sun… for the first time!

9.45pm, I arrived in KL Sentral by LRT and was heading to McDonalds, our promised place since Az says he’s a big fan of McDonalds and loves refilling its Coke for many glasses. I sat there, calm, but of course I was nervous like hell too, in my mind constantly wondering many things, how does he really look? Will it be the same as the Facebook pics I’ve seen earlier? Will he turn out to be a decent man physically, in the sense of personality and attitude as he appears virtually? Will he….

*questions suddenly go away as a gentleman appears heading towards me* O_O

“Hi, Assalamualaikum” he says.

“Hi. Waalaikumsalam”… I answer. *then speechless*

*dont know what to say further.. can’t really stare his eyes either.. so panic now.. alamak.. why why why*

*Pretending checking something in the bag.. while he’s waiting for me to acknowledge his coming*

*my forehead sweating (v_v;).. still can’t make eye contact with his.. aakk.*



Hehehehe, no lah, afterwards we just started talking as usual, take pictures some more. Though not as ‘talkative’ as we had been virtually and on the phone. I really don’t understand.. maybe it’s normal for a physical first date? Regardless you’ve known each other so much already by that time? Hmm… or maybe it’s the fact that I hadn’t been in a date with a guy for more than a year already, hence the weird feelings? =_= Okay, that could be true as well. Aiyoh.

Nevermind, it was nevertheless a real meaningful start, with him sending me to the train terminal and right into the train itself after the McDonalds treat :) Indeed, a memorable date night, it was. *happy sigh*

And bla bla bla.. and later the prince and princess live happily ever after… (typical default happy ending now coz I’m lazy to ramble even more..)

I hope I can still be among the first 90 entries for this contest, PLEASE????????????? Thank you! ^_^