Another reason why you should move and live in Langkawi, apart from cheap cars: there are hell lot variety of pretty postcards of this island! Unlike Kelantan postcards, unlike the already-boring KL cards.. hmmph, I dont know if there are many Postcrossers in Langkawi anyway? Otherwise it’s such a waste!

Despite my long absence from Postcrossing and the habit of shopping-writing-sending-postcards-like-mad since ages, it was amazing that when I go on a vacation and see racks of postcards available, the itch comes back by default just instantly! :D I mean, it’s a real crime not buying at least 30 pieces when you already come all the way to here for a holiday, dont you think?

I dont go tagging or swapping on the forum anymore, let alone requesting officials (afraid if I cant keep up with registering cards on time) but I’m blessed that I still know a bunch of dear people who will always be delighted to receive mails :D so these 20+ people, whether you’re reading here or not, as long as I still keep your address, you can expect a mail from me soon ^_^

Talking about postcards, I received my first postcard from Az the other week :P

If this werent an advertisement card, I could have sworn that it wouldnt come as surprise anymore since I’ve already seen ALL possible pictures of KL postcards by now. Hohoho (gelak seorang postcrosser otai yg berlagak). And yes, Az likes to write using a pencil =.= and it’s the second time he addressed Nibong Tebal in Perak. Tsk… I know Parit Buntar is only steps away, but USM Nibong Tebal is still in Penang, okay?


8pm tonight: there will be downtime for and all subdomain blogs coz we’re migrating the server. To where? To a place where my heart is closer to ;-) HAHA okay la will explain more next time ;D so see ya and pls pray that my sites wont crash tonight.

imajication got hosted too

Like I said in a previous post I was transferring my postcard blog in into one of subdomains, don’t know if it makes any sense since I have stopped updating and blogging postcards altogether since past 8 months, but since I’m purely obsessed with my dot net nowadays I feel like having everything as my subdomains :P (,,… :D) and it’s been my excuse again to waste time browsing through hundreds of pretty themes WordPress has to offer, and how I could more or less give it a touch-up according to my taste of graphic design. And playing with plugins (try, test, delete, repeat the step for next) and somehow getting more curious if I’ll be getting 50sen again next week for the ads I’ve put in those websites. I know I’m making myself busier with something not even under my studies concern. My roommates are seeing me stuck to the laptop even more stubbornly nowadays but they have no idea what I’m doing :P

If you happen to miss imajica talking about her postcards excessively, come make a revisit to, even I myself am missing so much the years I used to devote all my soul (and time and money) to this hobby.

Nice, huh? :) The theme is simple and neat enough I don’t think I need more alters with the design, though I really have to put at the header display image with the most colorful and cheerful message on postcard I ever received, from dear chat_noir (who has left Postcrossing even much earlier and we’ve been missing him since, but I do keep a lot of lovely cards from him all this while..) maybe you can tell clearly enough why this card deserves to be on the display image of my postcrossing blog. Because it looks special, and it IS really special :)

chat_noir?? If you happen to arrive to this post and blog one day, I’d like to thank you again for all the beautiful cards that put many smiles to my face in past few years, and it was sad that you disappeared just like that.. (ok, I’m sort of disappearing as well, but still.. I can never completely disappear from Postcrossing :P) and you’re really, really a great Postcrosser and a lovely friend to all of us!

(I’m getting sentimental here..*sob*)