Malaysian Postcrossing 2nd Meeting?

Haih. Why must everything suddenly need me these days? I am not usually a busy person, but these days I have been a busy bee, including do things for other people. Had to deal with Sunway Travel agency as I booked a trip to Egypt on behalf of my grandma and aunty and her husband and it took me many online checkings and calls and emails back and forth for a few days, and I should deserve a free trip also for my work! Haih. But Mama just says it’s my help to her to help her mother. And also I had to send my old PC monitor to service as I was planning to donate my PC to our neighbor who doesnt yet have PC set at home, or probably sell very cheap, but with all the fuss with the monitor I suggested them to buy a new PC set, and since we saw in Tesco they were having garage sale of used office PC sets which are still new and affordable, and we decided to go for them. And today I brought back the PC set home, and I need to teach the kids to use their new computer now. Hmm..

OK not that I’m complaining.. but it’s funny coz I was doing nothing for past few weeks at home but only now I had so many things to do.. the business website included, even though I don’t pay much attention for now if I can really sell, but I just need to get the website done and I’ll be happy. I think I’ve figured out the PayPal thing (thanks to Ana ;)) just I need to test them, doing transaction with someone.. Az, I hope you can spend some time with me for it :P I’ll look about it later. After the website is done, I’m done.. yeah.. who cares about selling anymore..

And and and today I got invitation to attend Postcrossers meeting in KL.. supposedly to be held this 20th December (Sunday!). Aaaaaaaakk. Though many months ago I kind of expected this meeting and probably wanted to come and join.. as it’s been AGES since our first official meeting in early 2007.. when we had our faces and postcards appear on a magazine for the first time :D hehe. What a crazy fun memory as an obsessed Postcrosser at that time. Though I am slowing down now, I still would be up for a meeting and catch up with friends especially Newrule and Aliah.. OK since I think I haven’t revealed this magazine scans in this blog yet, here you go. Click on images for larger view.

So who knows, probably in this coming meeting we’ll manage to get into magazine again! :P Hmm I don’t know why but lately the Malaysian community isn’t really fun as we used to be years ago (or maybe it’s only me..?) but thing is nobody new really comes participate and chat and go crazy like us. And many of us before have practically disappeared, Aliah and me included. So it’s been sappy, you know.. and since I’m now cured from this postcards addiction I really don’t have good excuse to make it for the meeting. Plus K.Nurul isn’t going! So what’s the point of meeting anymore?

And nowadays I’m too occupied to go KL loh!! :-(

Sigh. Too bad.

Anyways. Here’s an announcement by imajica:

If you’re a Postcrosser and lives near KL or can make it to KL this Sunday, please please please attend our gathering as planned by Cikgu Dale. Plase check this thread on forum. Thank you.