Pembiayaan Untuk Pengajian Ijazah Lanjutan di Bawah Pakej Rangsangan Ekonomi Kedua

Or PPPI for short. It’s a good news for people under age of 35 who falls into either one of these groups:

1- Graduates who have not yet got a job.

2- People who have been fired from job.

because the Government has just said in the new budget that they will sponsor your fees should you choose to go for postgraduate studies, Masters or PhD. Terms and condition apply.

Go and check further at the MoHE website.

Hmmm. Though I am not sure which group I fall into, both don’t sound very precise to me, but if this is true that I don’t have to pay anything than it’s cool baby. Maybe it’s better than have to wait for one semester to get a scholarship, I don’t know. Anyhow. I have to wait for either USM or UKM to answer my application first then I can go make this sponsorship application.

UKM vs. USM: Part 1

Maybe it’s too early for me to decide, as I haven’t even got answer from those places :P anyways.

[ UKM – pros ]

– The course is what I am already familiar with.

– Has Lenya! So I won’t be a lost stranger.

– It’s THE National university – well, there must be something bonus afterall.

– Huge old skool campus, Engineering faculty is also in there. More people.

– They say they have the best lab facilities. At least better than UIA.

[ USM – pros ]

– Penang! New place, new air, nice island, good food.

– UNESCO site! Postcards from there must be on high demand :P

– I can buy Reggie Lee postcards (tracklesspanic says this).

– Maybe.. they will let me use the car. Somehow.

– I’ll be a total stranger.. which can be good in a way or another.

– Better hostel room, since the faculty building is new itself.

[ UKM – conts ]

– 35km from KL. Which can be good or bad, depending on my discipline.

– Boring town. I think. KL is way more boring. I may end up staying in the room only studying. Haha. Could be good also what.

– Old hostel, probably a shared room!

– They’re unlikely to let me use the car.

[ USM – conts ]

– Engineering faculty is deserted from others. It’s not in the island!

– I’ll be studying Electronics. Is it less or more headache?