The Chronicles of: Pregnant-Or-Not?

So I am.

Pregnant of 6 weeks. Or so the doc said. Alhamdulillah.

This is still surreal and weird to me. I am adjusting.

Thankfully I can eat as usual. No such thing as nausea and vomitting yet, but you’ll never know.

The parents are in pure joy right now – the baby is going to be the first grandchild to both families. I am happy that he/she will be that special and much-awaited. Although, having no cousin will make him/her a little friendless. Perhaps just like his/her mummy. (wow, refering self as mummy is even weirder. Bear with me).

Not announcing to public yet, as according to some website, it’s safe to wait until *I forgot when* you can annouce the pregnancy. Before that, I probably have to change my attitude a little towards babies, and towards people who post baby pictures on Facebook. Hm, probably posting baby pictures are still fine than baby picture as profile pic. Let’s see if I end up doing that also.. :-P