Bharawan Da Dhaba Restraurant, Amritsar

Dinner time! After coming back from watching the border ceremony, we felt hungry and Manu brought us at this excellent Punjab Restaurant (vegetarian) in Amritsar. Manu and Az had a Thali Рa platter consists of several types of curry, dhal, rice, vegetables, yoghurt, papadom (in India they call them papad), and naan. You can choose from variety of naan available, and I think Az chose cheese naan. Thali is a practically complete set dishes. But I chose something different Рa bowl of mushroom soup (although it looks like curry) and naan. Forgot to take close-up picture, but click to enlarge picture below :)

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Restaurant in Old Delhi

restaurant old delhi

Food: Mutton biryani, Rs 80. Beef naan, Rs 20.
Drink: Bottled drinking water Rs 20 (at some shop you can find different brand for Rs 15)

mutton biryani

I started to appreciate mutton biryani when Az brought me to Syed Restaurant in PJ after we got married and I moved to KL. Knowing that biryani is somewhat originated from Indian culture and we really love our mutton biryani everytime we visit Syed’s, Az since then has set a huge mission to search for the best mutton biryani in the world once we’re in India. Mutton biryani in India must be at least way better than Syed’s – that was what we initially thought. Anticipating to taste ‘better than Syed’s’ biryani, we start our search at one of the busy small roads in Old Delhi where there are restaurants sitting one after another.

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