Snow in Gulmarg!

How to get there: take bus at JKT bus stand, return fare for Rs.270, the ride is 2 hours including stop at Tanamarg to rent winter coat. I guess you can also find a way to go by Tata Sumo shared taxi, as we did to go Pahalgam
Winter coat/jacket/boot rental: Full body, Rs.100, boots only Rs.50
Gondola: from base to first stage Rs.300, from first stage to second stage Rs.500

Our first snow, ever! Excuse us for coming from tropics and never ever before had seen this white fluffy cold thingy called snow. We didnt actually, really expect to see this much of snow when it’s already April, and from the forum where someone had posted her photos coming to Kashmir in April 2010, the same month but only last year, there was barely snow in Gulmarg, only thin layers mixed with sand. That’s the reason we didnt pack for cold weather at all. Az only brought all T-shirts!! I had to lend him my long-sleeve shirt to warm his arms under his nylon Adidas jacket. So I guess we were surprisingly lucky this year that the weather is still colder than usual (we could already feel it when we arrived in Srinagar, although unprepared with not much warm clothing). Thankfully Mr Husam of Ambassador Houseboat let us borrow one of his winter jackets when we told him that we were going to Gulmarg.

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