First Anniversary

When I was walking after office today while talking to Az on the phone, he suddenly wished ‘Happy Anniversary’, not once, but I guess 3 times repeatedly, leaving me in a confusion (but didnt bother to quickly think what that’s supposed to mean coz I was damn tired after 7pm). Then he knew that I was blank, and mentioned yesterday, 29 May was the date of our wedding we had in Melaka (Az’s house) last year. Ahh, that one counts as anniversary also ka? Okay lah..

Although during the actual anniversary 5 February this year I was far from having 5 minutes to blog about it in, now I’ll do it for the Melaka anniversary.

29 May 2011, Melaka. Last minute renting this songket costume (all the way from KB!) because Az’s mom suddenly wanted us to wear songket too in Melaka after seeing us in songket during wedding at my home earlier (5 February). And we had to wear songket during reception in KB thanks to my grandma’s wish to see us in songket. In the end, my Dubai lace modern kurung (which I had put all my creativity to design it) and dress end up being secondary dress for the wedding =.= *sigh*

Note to my foreign friends: Malay weddings traditionally come twice if you get married: first where the solemnization happens (which is, the actual marriage day) usually at the bride’s house, inviting family and friends of the bride’s family. Another will be at the groom’s house, which is the reception for their family and friends, and it usually comes one to few weeks after the bride’s reception, although can be months. In our case, we had like 3 months gap. And oh, should I point that our wedding in Melaka actually happened after our honeymoon trip? :D

Happy (Melaka) Anniversary, Az! Luv ya!