Srinagar: Shalimar Bagh

How to get there: From Nasim Bagh/Hazratbal area, can walk along the north road will finally get you to Shalimar Bagh. If you’re in Del Gate area, Mr Showkat says there’s bus going north so you can consider that too. Or less hassle, take auto-rickshaw :P
Entrance: Rs.5

Shalimar Bagh is one of the many Mughal Gardens in Srinagar, being among the places we want to visit if you’re in Srinagar. It looks like a common garden, only with interesting fact that it was built many hundreds years ago during Mughal Empire, and it still remains taken care until now.

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Morning walk along Dal Lake

We’re going to visit the Mughal gardens finally, it’s always easy to take auto-rickshaw, but as Ramzan said it’s still reachable by walking, we wanted to try and see if we can manage to walk until Shalimar Garden. So after breakfast, we started walking to the opposite side than we always come from Dal Gate by auto-rickshaw. We’re glad that we took the walk, it might be the longest walk we had in Srinagar, but it was worth every step. It didnt feel tiring at all when you’re surrounded by beautiful view of nature you cannot stop being mesmerized with.

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Janice’s Photos of us riding Shikara!

Surprise! Surprise! When our shikara was about to reach the ground, we could see from the lake, a┬áCaucasian┬álady snapping a photo of us! Right after we arrived, Mr Ghulam called us to introduce us to Janice, an American from Oregon who’s been staying in one of Clermont Houseboats as she’s stationed here for a few months as a journalist. Janice is a sweet lady and she said she would email to us the photos soon. And here they are!

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Sunset shikara ride

Shikara ride at Clermont Houseboat: Rs.300

We cannot give any excuse for Mr Ghulam’s offer to take shikara ride with Lhasa (the old guy’s name is really Lhasa!) since we did not yet ride any shikara when we were staying near at Ambassador Houseboat. Mr Ghulam said we could go with Lhasa for shikara ride during sunset for Rs. 250 for one hour. So after coming back from walking in Nasim Bagh, we’re now ready for shikara treat with Lhasa!

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