Hazratbal Mosque and town

Auto-rickshaw from Dal Gate to Hazratbal (return): Rs. 300 
Crispy fried lotus roots: Rs.10
Shoe repair: Rs.30

Our first outing in Srinagar, we really dont know how to get to where. Because it seems a bit late by now to visit the gardens (Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh etc) we decided to go to Hazratbal this afternoon and do the gardens another day. At the Dal Gate where we saw many auto-rickshaws, one of them approaches us making an offer, that he could ‘bundle’ all main destinations in Srinagar (Hazratbal and the gardens for two days) for Rs. 700. Surprisingly, we did not bargain and agreed (which I later blamed Az for agreeing too fast and myself for not objecting), perhaps we were mesmerized with his nice way of offering. So the driver brought us to Hazratbal, which is actually a town the other side of Dal Lake by some 7km, and it takes rather a while driving at small roads but we enjoyed watching views we passed by.

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Ambassador Houseboat

Double room with breakfast: Rs.1000 

When our bus arrived at the Tourist Information Center station, there came a number of men asking where we’re heading, if we need a hotel or houseboat or rickshaw etc. Some even offered houseboat at Rs. 500, which is very cheap compared to what I’ve agreed with Ambassador Houseboat via email. I told them we already booked our houseboat, and mentioning Mr Husam of Ambassador, suddenly a guy gave a signal that Mr Husam is around here.

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Arrrive in Srinagar, Kashmir

Breakfast in Jammu Airport: Nescafe, Rs.20 and Cup corn, Rs 40.

Flight Jammu – Srinagar
SpiceJet SG-851
Class: Economy
Fares/pax: Rs. 1671
Leaves 10:40, Jammu – Satwari (IXJ)
Arrives 11:15 Srinagar (SXR)
Distance: 294km Duration: 35min

Shuttle bus Srinagar airport to Srinagar town: Rs. 45/person

Jammu Airport is a sweet little airport which probably doesnt operate so many flights. Yet it has this shoe-cleaner thingy which is machine-operated device located at a corner at luggage-pickup area. We had never seen such thing before and thought it was cool (still forgot to take photo, also Jammu airport itself). It also has the cleanest toilet we have ever entered in India. Probably because of not many people using the airport in the first place. We had our quick breakfast at the boarding room before our flight.

SpiceJet was our first domestic flight in India and we would give 5 out of 5 rating. It’s a modern low-cost carrier like our AirAsia and I am so hoping that it would fly internationally too (like, being an alternative for AirAsia’s KL-Delhi route). The flight was quick being Srinagar only about 300km away (even KL – Kota Bharu is farther, but interestingly, according to Manu, if you take taxi from Jammu to Srinagar, it would be more than 10 hours on bumpy road).

When we were getting down the plane, we asked from the flight attendants if we can keep this on-board copy of magazine, and they said yes! :) We so hope to fly SpiceJet again!

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