Hajj Revisited: Stoning Jamrat on 12 Zulhijjah

When we were doing the first Jamrat stoning yesterday (err, I meant 10 Zulhijjah) I didnt get to take any photo or film any video of the very action of stoning thanks to heavy, dangerous crowds that night. It’s the most challenging step of Hajj, and annual death reports mostly come from accidents during the stoning (you can imagine). We did it on the first level of Jamrat complex (it was 3 levels as per Hajj 2008, I understand that they’re in the middle of building 9-storey of Jamrat complex). We’re now doing the 2nd stoning, which you can do it anytime before 13 Zulhijjah. We chose to go to Mina from Makkah after midnight, spend a few hours there before Fajr prayer and get ready to go stoning the very first thing in the dawn. They say it would be less crowded, but we’ll see.

We use 3rd level this time (elevators and escalators were in construction at this time so only a few were functioning). The 3rd level isn’t very crowded so I got to film this short video finally. The stoning ritual is part of Hajj pillars as a mock of stoning the evils.

People who camped in Mina would go back to Makkah right after the second stoning done. You can do the third round of Jamrat stoning if you wish, it’s optional.